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Nov 20, 2013
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    1. firefox100
      I need to develop an addon to set a geo meta tag for a thread, can you do this?
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    2. zylstra
      Viewing your homepage shreds my CPU - and that's even though you have no video or animation. It may be good to inspect/fix inefficient Javascript, etc.
    3. khaerul zafi
      khaerul zafi
      hi mate, can you help for change and redirect my forums to my new domain name? i use webuzo control panel nginx
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    4. Pixel Squad Ltd
      Pixel Squad Ltd
      Thanks for the help :)
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    5. Bethk84
      Hi there! Was wondering if you would be interested in working long term with me? I have several add ons I need made, and am willing to pay for them.
    6. Glockie
      What can I say! Once again, we needed some custom work to be done and we turned to ForumCube once more. Fahad understood our needs and did an excellent job within an impressive time frame. I would highly recommend them, if you have any requests and custom development. This is our second purchase from ForumCube and we have no doubts, that we will return once more for more work.

      Thank you very much again!
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    7. kankan
      Forumcube just achieved our forum migration (XXF 1.1.3 > XF 1.4).
      They offered a very nice prestation and a clean work. Communication was clear.
      No doubt, i might contact the team in a next future for other tasks.
      I recommend.
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    8. Glockie
      ForumCube have been brilliant!
      I made a post about some customised work and they enquired.
      The communications have been brilliant, they have understood clearly what I needed and have delivered - not only the product exactly as requested, but even thought of additional features to add to it.
      They also delivered in the time frame they gave me. Highly recommended. Looking forward to developing my next idea!
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    9. Father Sebastiaan
      Father Sebastiaan
      I have been working with many programmers over the years on various systems from Vbulletin to PHPFOX. I can say they are one of my best experiences. Their price was fair, they did my installation and made me a very good plugin for mass PM that got some of the best results yet. I am looking forward to our next two projects which are creating an events calendar for my site and upgrading one of my themes.
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    10. oliversk
      They successfully completed a difficult project for me and managed to address all my issues. Very professional Xenforo devs, easy to work with. Recommended!
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    11. KVMG
      I hired these guys for a custom add-on. Fahad communicated excellently throughout the duration of the project. Initial version had some issued that were immediately addressed AND resolved in a timely fashion.
      Good job!
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    12. AlexKim
      Do you do custom add-on?
      1. ForumCube
        yes we are expert with custom plugins, for more details start chat with us.
        Nov 4, 2014
    13. ForumCube
      Done integration Wordpress+Xenforo with following features 1- Rss feed with advertisement redirect page 2- latest post 3- latest videos.
    14. chickenputty
      Vouch for ForumCube. These guys were able to complete my addon request within a very quick amount of time.
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