XF 2.0 Customize XenForo code


New member
Hi Everyone,

We have a website and I need the following:

1) When the user creates an account we also create an account in Xenforo forums and the user has an access to member forums.
2) If the user purchases a particular product then he will have an access to the respective forums
3) If the user logs in into our website and then navigates to any of our Xenforo forums on which he/she has an access, the user is by default logged in internally and do not requires to enter his or her password again.
4) Anyone can access public forums but cannot post.

The above are the few things that we are looking for initially.

Went through some code on the Internet which requires AutoLoader.php in the library folder which is not present. According to XenForo, that was for XenForo 1.X and they have restructured the code.

I am looking for anything that can help me achieve this, could be an API or directions to what to look at and modify.