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  1. GameNet

    [NICK97] SteamIntegeration - XF2 2.2.6

    Info(s): Display steam games, steam friends and steam workshop in users Profile. Key Feature(s): Sync steams games and steam friends in users profile Add steam games, steam friends and steam workshop in users profile Steam tabs privacy so users can blocked some user to view steam content...
  2. P

    Fixed Bug / Questionable code in the XFES plugin XF 2.1

    In the following file : ../addons/XFES/Service/Optimizer.php theres a check on line 38 that fails if(!$config['mappings']) { return true; } If "mappings" is not in the $config array, it will throw an "Undefined Index" error I've fixed this on my copy by changing it to :-...
  3. A

    XF 2.0 Customize XenForo code

    Hi Everyone, We have a website and I need the following: 1) When the user creates an account we also create an account in Xenforo forums and the user has an access to member forums. 2) If the user purchases a particular product then he will have an access to the respective forums 3) If the...
  4. Anime-Fall

    Vbulletin Features [Does Xenforo have them?] Usergroup/Rank/Titles

    On Vbulletin admincp, there is the usergroup section, ranks section, and titles section. Basically i tend to use these and based on members posts # or reputation or a combination of both, the member rank gets upgraded. Example Can Xenforo 2.x do this ? and automatically update via crons
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