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  1. A

    XF 2.0 Customize XenForo code

    Hi Everyone, We have a website and I need the following: 1) When the user creates an account we also create an account in Xenforo forums and the user has an access to member forums. 2) If the user purchases a particular product then he will have an access to the respective forums 3) If the...
  2. Anime-Fall

    Vbulletin Features [Does Xenforo have them?] Usergroup/Rank/Titles

    On Vbulletin admincp, there is the usergroup section, ranks section, and titles section. Basically i tend to use these and based on members posts # or reputation or a combination of both, the member rank gets upgraded. Example Can Xenforo 2.x do this ? and automatically update via crons