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*XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services


Thanks for your interest in this thread.

As the title suggests we (a group of programmers not a company) are offering 24/7 services for XenForo, Lets make long story short and discuss the motif of this thread.

  • Got an Idea? Lets discuss how we* can turn it into Reality (XenForo code).
  • A problem? Lets kick it away before it starts hurting the users.
  • A simple template modification? Ready? - clink with private message.
  • Want to discuss something? clink this account with a message and we* will arrange a solution.
  • Trouble in installation of a hack/addon? Ready? - Lets do it.
  • Confused about migrating to XenForo? Lets discuss how we* can help you to take and complete this great decision.
  • Want to migrate data from existing platforms/addons? Yes you can hire us.

As mentioned earlier LONG STORY SHORT i am sure i have ended it without taking much time.

Want the complete story?
You can send a private message for any custom work ,discussion or simply request quote for a task and we will try to help you with lowest possible quote that can help us both exit in a win win situation.

Our Work? Start a project with us to check what we can do, or throw us a message to check the hacks we have created ( Some would be available at resources) soon.

WE* We are a small group of experienced freelance php / xf developers.