1. A

    Who is your go-to XenForo developer?

    A developer I've been working with over the years has become less available, so in hopes of finding a new trusted freelancer I can build a good working relationship with, I've spent the past couple of days reading as many threads about XF developers as I could find. I've seen some rave reviews...
  2. emiya

    XF 2.2 Add duration for an user upgrade

    Hi, hopefully someone can answer my question. I want create an addon which handles user upgrade with my own payment system besides from the builtin from xenforo. Which methods or which classes are required to upgrade an user correctly so that xenforo will treated it like a normal user upgrade...
  3. Kruzya

    XF 2.2 Installing XenForo for "development purposes" in home-placed server

    I'm sure i readed somewhere this here, but i can't find. I has a "home-placed" server. Primarily i use him for network access (3 network interfaces: one for .local subnet, another two - upstreams with access to Internet), secondly - for "shared file hosting" (attached drives is published in LAN...
  4. Rizzo

    I need some help. (Job Application)

    Hello everyone, I have recently decided to start a new project in hosting Game Servers, this isn't the first time I have done this, however, it's the first time I've used a XenForo Website. I have absolutely no idea how to do much, besides editing a few things here and there which I have done...
  5. Mendalla

    XF 2.1 Refreshing a dev environment?

    My dev was built about a year ago for testing our upgrade to 2.1 and is now getting a bit out of date relative to production. I've tried to make sure most changes get done in both but other admins have added and changed nodes in production without going through dev first. Is there an easy way to...
  6. F

    Developer needed for Xenforo2 customisation.

    Dear friends, We are looking for a developer to customize Xenforo2 for our needs as described below. Currently we use version 1. To that version third-party developers made an API for Xenforo integration with our site so that authorization occurs on our site but not on the forum’s. This is due...
  7. XFA

    Mode Debug 1.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 2.1 Description You're sick of connecting to FTP to enable debug mode ? This addon is for you. It allows you to enable debug mode and also development mode. Features Enable debug mode Enable development mode Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  8. Shinka

    Fixed AbstractFieldMap doesn't handle entities with string IDs

    I have created an entity Atom, which has a varbinary primary key. In attempting to integrate custom fields behavior into my entity, I encountered an issue where AbstractFieldMap#updateFieldAssociations only accounts for numeric primary keys. $emptyKey = array_search(0, $contentIds); if...
  9. TickTackk

    Seeder 1.1.0 Release Candidate 1

    Seeder for XenForo 2.1.0+ Description This add-on helps in filling development board with dummy data. Requirements PHP 7.2.0+ PHP Fileinfo module CLI Commands Command Description tck-seeder:seed-user Seeds users tck-seeder:seed-media-gallery-album Seeds media gallery albums...
  10. P

    XF 2.0 Upgrade system login?

    Hey Xenforo forum! I'm new here and I hope I'm in the right section - I got a real problem! :(:) I ran into an issue while trying to create an API / REST API for your software. After I set up the Autoloader XenForo_Autoloader::getInstance()->setupAutoloader(ROOT . '/library'); Xenforo...
  11. SyTry

    XF 2.0 How can I create a new add-on with xenForo 2.0

    Hi, I read the following documentation : And on this part : I do not know how to start. Where is the command prompt / shell / terminal window in xenForo 2 ? Thank you for your future answers even...
  12. JoyFreak

    Legend of Mir development community

    Hello readers, We are a gaming community dedicated to the development of Legend of Mir 2 and Legend of Mir 3 games and to create, share and play free Legend of Mir servers. We have been around for two-three months now. The forum is steadily growing in numbers but we are looking for various ways...
  13. rajraj

    Need help to change the logo

    Hello, I am looking for someone experience person to change my xenforo logo. Thanks in advance.
  14. wagrasol

    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    Announcement: Some companies pay puppets to blame and downgrade competitors to win business,Some characterless people were trying to defame our work and have effected this thread. Some Companies want you to pay thosands of dollars for small modifications and addons they do not want others to...
  15. Live Free

    New member tags with custom fields and other information

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe it's possible to create a new members tab displaying specific custom fields, either with XenForo or any add-ons. If that is correct I'd like to try my hand st developing it myself. I have a number of member tab features I'd like to...
  16. fahad ashraf

    Custom Addon Development | Xenforo 2.x | Xenforo 1.x | Custom Styling | Migration Services (9+ Experience)

    Hello all, I have more than 5 years of experience in bulletin boards, I am working full time as a software developer no holiday on weakend if urgent work needed, 1) Development Services Addon Development (hourly or per-project) Forum maintenance / Consulting (monthly base) 2) Migration...
  17. D

    Audentio and ThemeHouse: Community strategists, designers, and developers

  18. R

    Extend AutoValidator/Ignore errors

    I want to automatically trigger a button/submit a form, which is using the XenForo AutoValidator. However, I want to "catch" the error, so it does not show the error overlay it usually does if an error happens. The aim is to hide the button, so that the "form confirmation" happens automatically...
  19. T

    Implementation of a FAQs Page !!

    Hi, How can i implement the FAQs page to my forum. So that user can get to know about "How to use that forum?". I have found "FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0" add-on but in that add-on you need to create the FAQs by your self. Does XenForo has its own General FAQs ? And how it can be implemented...
  20. ryladine

    XF 1.5 Remote User Modifications - API or Database?

    I was wondering where everyone else stood on the matter, I'm about to build a "panic" system for my community that will allow immediate removal of a user from all systems, and I'm planning how I want to integrate Xenforo. I could do it by directly modifying the database, but I've also seen a...
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