I need some help. (Job Application)


Hello everyone,

I have recently decided to start a new project in hosting Game Servers, this isn't the first time I have done this, however, it's the first time I've used a XenForo Website.
I have absolutely no idea how to do much, besides editing a few things here and there which I have done, and the website at it's current standing looks and runs absolutely fine, the only issue is, I have a few things I'd like removing, a few things I need adding and some changes I'd like to be made, and I have no idea where to start.

Of course, any help I can get would be much appreciated, although I do understand nothing in this world is free, and therefore, if you're willing to dedicate a lot of time into helping build my website alongside me, we could possibly talk about you representing our server as a full-time website developer, or I could pay you a fee, which would be negotiated between us for the amount of work completed, and send that via PayPal for the work that's carried out.

I would just like someone, ideally a lot more experienced than me, who has the knowledge and know how to do things that I don't to work alongside me into ensuring I can get this website finished in time for launch on my servers, again, if it's a rank or money, it's not a problem.

Please contact me further in my DM's and we will discuss socials, e.g.

I still require help if anyone knows a lot about development,
Please just drop me a DM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Anyone available to help me with this?
Please drop me a DM, my previous developer has now moved into something else and is no longer developing.

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