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Legend of Mir development community


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Hello readers,

We are a gaming community dedicated to the development of Legend of Mir 2 and Legend of Mir 3 games and to create, share and play free Legend of Mir servers. We have been around for two-three months now. The forum is steadily growing in numbers but we are looking for various ways to grow as a community. Though the forum is based on the Legend of Mir games, we also have a section for other MMO/MMORPG's and of course a Lounge to discuss things like Technology, Programming, Sports, Design, Anime, Console & PC Gaming and more!

Any feedback would be great.

Website: https://www.legendofmir.org

*We are also looking for staff. Applications are open for Moderator roles, please PM me for further details.
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I like how your using a dark style works best with gaming forums a plus is it's Uix2 great theme to have and I love that your using the holiday add-on makesthe forum look festive my only suggestion is move the announcement forum to the bottom as your content is more important than news updates maybe merge a few forums that are empty into sub forums to cut down on the empty forum looks


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I have taken your suggestions on board and have rearranged the nodes. Thanks for the feedback, I have also made you forum moderator as requested. Welcome to the team!