1. prisnilos

    Unmaintained [MMO] Navigation tab icons

    Set icons for navigation tabs easily and quickly.
  2. I

    [MMO] Disable User State 2.1.0

    Adds the ability to disable your account.
  3. I

    [MMO] Thread After Ban 2.1.0

    You can choose in which forum thread will post and the author from whom the threads will be posted.
  4. K

    [MMO] Security Permission 2.2.0

    The add-on adds new rights to the account security page. New permission: Can change password Can change email Can enable tfa email Can disable tfa email Can enable tfa totp Can disable tfa totp Can enable tfa authy Can disable tfa authy
  5. K

    [MMO] Impersonate User 2.1.3

    You can upgrade from this add-on When updating a resource, all necessary and old add-on data is transferred to your forum. This add-on gives privileged users the ability to login as any other user on the forum (as long as they're not...
  6. prisnilos

    Tiled postbit with icons

    Add to extra.less
  7. prisnilos

    Tiled view of forum statistics

    First, switch the position of the statistics widget to below / above the list of nodes, since the code is suitable only for such positions. Add to extra.less .block[data-widget-key="forum_overview_forum_statistics"] { .block-minorHeader { display: none; }...
  8. prisnilos

    User Message Background

    Add to extra.less .msgBgByName (@msgBgAuthorName; @msgBgUrl; @msgBgSize; @msgBgPosition: false) { .message[data-author="@{msgBgAuthorName}"] .message-inner { background-image: linear-gradient(to top, @xf-contentBg, fade(@xf-contentBg, 60%)), url(@msgBgUrl); background-position...
  9. prisnilos

    Unmaintained Pach 2.2.1

    Pach is a simple style in dark colors. Great for a gaming forum.
  10. JoyFreak

    Game Network Online

    Game Network Online Game Network Online is a community dedicated to the development of MMO and MMORPG games and to create, share and play free MMO and MMORPG private servers. Feel free to leave any feedback.
  11. JoyFreak

    Legend of Mir development community

    Hello readers, We are a gaming community dedicated to the development of Legend of Mir 2 and Legend of Mir 3 games and to create, share and play free Legend of Mir servers. We have been around for two-three months now. The forum is steadily growing in numbers but we are looking for various ways...
  12. Commodore

    GAMERS: The Gaming Guild Forum List

    I think it's time for founders and guild leaders of guilds that play video games on PC and consoles to come together and list your guild name and Xenforo website here. Please ONLY list if your guild website if it is a CURRENT XENFORO website. Guild Name: Game Name(s) your guild resides in...
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