Who is your go-to XenForo developer?


A developer I've been working with over the years has become less available, so in hopes of finding a new trusted freelancer I can build a good working relationship with, I've spent the past couple of days reading as many threads about XF developers as I could find. I've seen some rave reviews and I've read some horror stories.

Instead of taking wild chances, I thought I'd ask members here about their go-to developers. If you had an excellent experience with someone, I'd be grateful for the recommendation.

I do require various help from time to time, ranging from certain customizations and fixes to custom work and integrations. It would be fantastic to find someone with a positive record I can turn to for anything XenForo related.


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I think most of my current slate of add-ons are from @Xon or @Ozzy47. Between them, there's a lot of useful stuff, both paid and free. Haven't checked the list recently to be sure, though. Could still be others, just those are the ones I know I have add-ons from.


I want to thank everyone who put forward their recommendations in this thread. It's fantastic to see a lot of the same individuals getting named, that's reliability. Half of them I had on my shortlist prior to starting this thread, the other half are great new finds.

I'm going to analyze their work and contact those I think have done similar work before (for what I have in mind). I think I have a pretty healthy budget for the addon I am looking to build, so it'll be an interesting experience working with one of them.