Add-on Seeking a developer to create xenforo addon | Paypal IPN Notifications | RM Marketplace


Hello! I'm looking to hire a developer to create a xenforo 2 addon for the RM Marketplace addon. To give you a little backdrop, I run a website where fellow developers can sell their resources using the RM Marketplace addon. One of the feedback I've been getting is that my developers want to automate their sales with the licensing systems they have; with this being said, what I need to be created is an addon that allows developers to enter their payment webhook so that when they generate a sale transaction via RM Marketplace, they can instantly get the notification/payment details sent to their webhook. This addon should be able to restrict only "X" groups via permission to use the webhook feature.

Addon Name: GSH Webhook Forwarder
Addon Request: Ability to have an IPN Forwarder / Webhook Forwarder that works with the xenforo payment providers so developers can track and view data from their transaction sales from the RM Marketplace addon.


If you can create this, please send me a private message with the price and your experience creating addons.
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