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  1. F

    XF 2 Need Developer

    Hey, I need a developer to join my team i have multiple projects on my queue but short time any developer up please comes on Pm Thank you.
  2. F

    Addon and Style Developer

    Hi everyone, I have over 10 years of experience working with clients on a variety of PHP projects, from last one year I am associate with a xenforo's client and doing work for him on different xenforo projects, i think now i have enough knowledge of xenforo so now my services will be available...
  3. A

    Who is your go-to XenForo developer?

    A developer I've been working with over the years has become less available, so in hopes of finding a new trusted freelancer I can build a good working relationship with, I've spent the past couple of days reading as many threads about XF developers as I could find. I've seen some rave reviews...
  4. forumSolution

    ForumSolution-Complete services of forum (Development , Design , Migration and more)

    Hi everyone, I have more than 10 years of experience working with clients on a different PHP projects Services: Custom Addon development services (xf1 $ xf2) Installation Migration from any framework on xenforo Convert xf1 addon on xf2 Custom Design Extend functionally of any existing addon...
  5. jasculs

    Who are some of the best XF developers and teams?

    I’m interested in knowing who some of the best Xenforo developers and teams are on here who are taking clients? I own multiple live Xenforo installations and all of them have premium paid users. All of my sites are highly customized and I am looking to hire more developers for many upcoming...
  6. Kruzya

    Lack of interest Move Bookmark postDelete method to behavior

    Currently, for correct work bookmark on custom entities, developer should call method like _postDeleteBookmarks() in _postDelete() in own entity. For reactions, no one additional method don't should be called, because for reactions in structure added additional behavior XF:Reactable. I suggest...
  7. SuperTramp

    Other Xenforo Developer Needed: -Free Lancer -Paid Position.

    Hello, We are looking for a web developer that is well familiarized with the XenForo forum software to complete a few tasks related to building out a new tech website within the exciting and revolutionary world of digital currencies. This will be PAID work with the possibility for future...
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