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Howdy XF community,

Services We provide specifically for XenForo
Custom development for XenForo 2+ including
    • Porting add-on made for XenForo 1 to be compatible with XenForo 2+
    • Creating a brand new addon per your request.
    • Fixing old broken addons that other developers have abandoned.
    • Review addons coded by other developers to see if they are secure and meet XenForo coding standards.
Shoot us a conversation via this link and give a description of what it is you need. We will tell you if it is something we can do, a possible timeframe and the cost of the addon.
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I just wanted to thank you for all the new addons you guys have been publishing recently.

Safe to say that OzzModz became like top5 addon provider in terms of variety and amount.
We really appreciate your excellent help and support you give our customers of the Advanced Forms add-on. Thank you so much!
To Whom It May Concern:

I run a website for authors, and we were using an add-on that allows for multiple nested comments, which can be very handy vs. someone "replying" 4 pages down the thread. We updated Xenforo software and the comments disappeared! YIKES is right! The company that made the add-on basically said they were sorry, but they weren't going to update it, they were moving in a different direction, etc.

Ozzy47 of OzzModz came to the rescue. His company took the time to fix the add-on and the first time we installed it, it worked perfectly and all 17,000+ comments snapped into place!

You can trust this man to come through for you. I am living proof. I have well over 1,000 very happy members once again.


Snog’s/OzzModz is continuing to do custom jobs for our clients. This includes fixing addons from other developers who seemed to abandon their work, creating new addons per client needs, adding features to existing addons and evaluating other addons for XF standard compliance.
Ozzy has been around on xF only just a month longer than I have since we both joined in 2010. That means to me that I recognize his name and his longevity in the community, which are really important details to me when looking to interact with dev for xenforo. All interactions I've had with Ozzy over the years have always been professional and he is quick to answer any questions and concerns I have :)!
Thank you for the positive feedback, it’s much appreciated.

Look forward to working with you on future projects.

Highly recommended for Xenforo development​

I've had @Ozzy47 and @Painbaker work on a handful of Xenforo add ons that were 'small' to 'medium'-scale in scope. They were able to deliver on all requests in a speedy manner. When a particular function didn't work as expected or intended, they went back to the drawing board and delivered it to perfection for the agreed-upon initial pricing, also with fast turnaround times and delivery. There were never any communication lapses or misunderstandings. Development and ethics are on point and I would highly recommend their services for big boards—which they developed for in these instances—and small boards alike.
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I appreciate you leaving a review of our services. Glad that your experience with us was positive and you were satisfied.

We look forward to any further projects you are wanting to get developed.
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I definitely agree with everyone above.

Snogg's team is among the top XenForo third-party developers around, a real winning team!

I recently had the pleasure to hire Ozzy47 and Painbaker for a custom add-on I needed, and they were very professional and fast!

Love the fact that they also revise and give a new life to good add-ons that were abandoned by their native devs. I'm using a lot of their add-ons in my board and all of them are light and clean.

They are among my favorite developers and some of the most honest and helpful people I have dealt with in the XenForo community.
When I asked them if it was possible to create the kind of add-on I was looking for, they immediately showed to be very collaborative.
They also took care of the development while listening to my needs and then developed the add-on in no time.
Many of their add-ons are free, but they all deserve to be paid!
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