1. Shortie

    High-Quality Posting Service for your Xenforo Forum!

    Hi there, I am Shortie or Nikki. I am a mother of 4 and also a professional freelance writer. I have provided services on both Fiverr and SEOClerk and I now also provide services on other webmaster forums, you can see below links to my profiles and services...
  2. kolakube

    Using forums for client communications

    Today I've started the process of transitioning client communications from sporadic email chains to private sections on my forums. It dawned on me as I was cleaning out my inbox that I tend to miss messages and fall out of email chains more often than I should, yet I never miss anything posted...
  3. wagrasol

    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    Announcement: Some companies pay puppets to blame and downgrade competitors to win business,Some characterless people were trying to defame our work and have effected this thread. Some Companies want you to pay thosands of dollars for small modifications and addons they do not want others to...
  4. mikesift

    xenForo developer required - contract/freelance

    Firstly, apologies if this thread is not in the right place, or indeed something thats frowned upon on this site. We seem to be looking for a unicorn in the usual channels, finding a good developer is incredibly hard. Adding xenForo into the mix just makes it even harder. I'm hoping posting...
  5. M

    Any Wordpress Pro's in the house?

    There is an excellent theme that I really like and the only bad things is that there is certain things that I would like that theme to have but the author has no interest in creating at the moment... So the question is, are you good a customizing already created themes and add certain features...
  6. directodigital

    [HIRING] Large IPB Transfer & Customization + Theme Design

    I own a very large gaming forum that is currently running IPB 3 however it keeps getting hacked probably because of the crazy amount of add-ons running. I need someone that has experience with xenFono to help with the following; Complete transfer from IPB 3x 900k members 895k posts Missing...
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