Any Wordpress Pro's in the house?


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There is an excellent theme that I really like and the only bad things is that there is certain things that I would like that theme to have but the author has no interest in creating at the moment... So the question is, are you good a customizing already created themes and add certain features?

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what features do you need created? I'm pretty crafty in WP.

Hey, this is the theme and some of the things I have in mind now:

- Can you limit the amount of pictures per package? this is already available
- Limit the amount of videos per package
- Can you limit the amount of days per package? this is already available
- Limit the amount of listingd per package
- Ability to create a "free" package that would only display their name on the results and thats it, no more information, now if they want to show more then:
- Create a package that shows address and telephone number, info, etc....
- Can you add opening hours? this is already available
- Create custom item field for different category
- Can the theme provide directions? this is already available
- Certain businesses have different locations, so the ability to add multiple addresses in one listing would be nice
- Review system be different for each category? I guess that for now the way it has it is fine but would like to make better eventually
- Ability to add the business into different categories
- Would like the business to add their events and show those events in a calendar for the visitor to see whats happening in the month, etc...
- Possibilities of businesses having a field for Discount or Coupons.
- Ability to import from CSV, Excel
- Ability to create custom item field for different category
- Ability to createcustom item field for different package.
As you can see is a business directory, so I dont expect this website to have 1000 online at the same time ( it would be nice though) but my concern is the ability of the platform to manage 80,000 businesses with no hiccups.... is it possbile?

There is more things, a few left, but here you have an idea.
Thank you.
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Tracy Perry

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Pretty sure that's more than just a style, but a framework of some type that has some built in add-on functionality. Good luck with finding someone to do that extensive of a modification for without a "nice" charge.