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  1. M

    Any Wordpress Pro's in the house?

    There is an excellent theme that I really like and the only bad things is that there is certain things that I would like that theme to have but the author has no interest in creating at the moment... So the question is, are you good a customizing already created themes and add certain features...
  2. jemacd

    Developer help required

    I'm looking to buy forum software that can sync the posts and comments of my facebook group. I know that VBSocial do a plugin for VBulletin (http://vbsocial.com/facebook-groups-with-vbulletin-sync/) but from reading countless reviews, it would seem that XF are the preferred platform. I've asked...
  3. TJA

    Stolen Sheep Design

    http://stolensheep.design Stolen Sheep Design - embracing the stereotypes of Liverpool and Wales and bringing you XenForo customisations, add-on support and style tweaks. At SSD, we offer a range of tutorials, add-ons and styles, as well as supplying documentation and guides on the many ways...
  4. TJA

    [TJA] Create Thread Icon [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Create Thread Icon - Adds a create thread icon before or after the node title Read more about this resource...
  5. TJA

    [TJA] Forum Stats [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Forum Stats - Something different for your forum statistics. Read more about this resource...
  6. TJA

    [TJA] Custom Message Icon [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Custom Message Icon - Adds a user selected image from custom field to their messages. Read more about this resource...