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Hello Everyone!

We are ForumCube offering the services of Custom Add-on Development | Custom Styling | Xenforo Migration from different forum software| Technical Support & Consulting. We have versatile experience of eight years in the forum software field and yes we have got grey hairs in this time!

Our team has extensive experience of the following:

Custom Add-on development:
We have been developing different custom add-ons from scratch as well as extending existing add-ons. Check out following posts of this thread to know our client's experience.

Custom styling:
In past few years we have worked on a huge number of Themes and Styles. We developed new ones and modified existing ones as per the client requirements. We use the following process for the theme development.

1- Requirement and suggestion session with client.
2- Present different mock-ups and accept changes in mock-ups based on latest feedback.
3- After validating our team develops Xenforo supported template and access is given to client for testing of theme on demo server.
4- Apply changes (if any) and then deployment of theme after finalization of design.
5- Free support period starts.

Migration to Xenforo from different forum software:
We came across multiple migrations from many different forum software (see below list of software) to Xenforo that this part tends to become one of our strongest area. This is where we got grey hair you see!

1- Xenforo 1.x to Xenforo 2.x
2- vBulletin to Xenforo
3- YaBB to Xenforo
4- SMF to Xenforo
5- phpBB to Xenforo
6- IP.Board to Xenforo
7- bbPress to Xenforo
8- Vanilla to Xenforo

so you see with our grey hair and amount of Xenforo services experience, we are the best ones to hire for this! How we do that? See our process below;

  1. Our admins will clone your live website on our state of the art development servers system so our process does not disturbs the live traffic on your current site.
  2. We will dry run migration process and will test if everything is transferred to Xenforo after the process.
  3. Client will be invited to verify the data on our test server and live forum won't be effected by our work.
  4. Once client verifies that everything is good to go, we will take another backup of live site and will perform the same process on server by turning live site off this time.
  5. With our extensive experience we will arrange this process in such a way that it will take less downtime.
  6. After completion of live data transfer client will be given access to verify the stuff on live site again.
  7. After testing client can approve the work is done and free support period starts.

Contact us:
If you are interested in our services and want to see your project done with great results within your budget range, please feel free to contact us so we can assist you accordingly.

Visit our Site: ForumCube

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I posted a desire for a rather daunting add on and ForumCube offered to make it happen. It turned into a bigger project than either of us realized, took a bit longer than quoted, but they kept to their quote and resolved all conflicts with our current installation (lots of plugins and customization). They were very fast to reply, communication was a dream from start to finish. It began with a quote, a start date, and how many (expected) days it would take, and ended with a happy customer.

We came back a month or so later with a second plugin request. They quoted, price and timeframe, we accepted, and it was done fast and professionally. They committed to working on a day off with us to be sure it was a successful install with no impact on stability, and resolved issues as fast as I could report them.

We will use them again.
Very serious, communicative and proficient, understood all my needs for custom add-ons and developed them very quickly!

Fahad and his team are now my go-to xenforo developers :)

Review: 2/10

I wanted to update this since it's been sometime since I last posted here. Since then this company has gone completely downhill and has potentially scammed us of thousands of dollars. I will share more details shortly on this.

Breakdown of my experience with ForumCube over last 4 weeks:

  • They are extremely flexible
  • Were willing to go overtime to get the server/website issues resolved
  • They were willing to work weekends
  • They are quick
  • They know the ins and outs of both server management and web development
  • They know how to customize just about any mod
  • They have knowledge beyond xenForo
  • They are available around 16/7
  • They have a solid team, everyone is well spoken
  • The support is excellent. Typically not picky about support but they guys deserve credit
  • While I won't name names here, there are some other xenforo developers here which are considered a "premium" but I would honestly recommend ForumCube over them
  • The list goes on.
  • Had a hard time finding them on xenForo. Had I known about them 2-3 months ago, I wouldn't have ran into problems. Tried some other development company. Big mistake. Should have gone with ForumCube.
My recommendation is use them now before they get too many clients because it's only a matter of time before people start finding out that ForumCube does excellent work.
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Why doesn't forum cube release any of their add-ons to the public?

We are services based company that's why we are focusing on custom development. Currently we are not interested to target mass market by creating add-ons for community but definitely we will release few very soon.

What happens later on we want to add new features to an existing add-on made by them.

Simple Process: We charge extra fee for adding new features.

How long will they support their add-ons after it made.

Our support period depends on complexity/size of work. It varies from 1 week to few months.

Please feel free to ask if you got any other questions. We will be glad to assist you with it.
ForumCube was very professional and very quick to respond. They helped solve issues with a custom plugin that was created for us. Even though the task got much larger than anticipated, they still fixed all the issues and stayed with us until all was resolved. They didn't add on additional costs to their original quote even though the project took much longer than they thought due to code issues on our end. We will be using them again in the future.
Thanks to ForumCube, my site is live and it is EXACTLY what I wanted.

I posted a request up on the XenForo forums a couple months ago trying to find someone to help me design a forum. I am fairly technically capable, but I have a new baby at home and it would take me far too much time to fully design a forum on my own.

Fahad and the XenForo team were amazing. They started sending me mock-ups within about 24 hours after I paid a deposit (an amount we agreed upon) and they were patient as I picked apart their mock-ups and told them exactly what I wanted. We ended up with a final mock-up that was a mixture of almost all the mock-ups they sent, as I tend to be very picky!

A couple short weeks of work later and we were ready to go live with the site. My forum users LOVE it, I LOVE it, and I couldn't be happier with the work they have done. I paid them at least 2-3 weeks ago and they are still helping me tinker with things today. The support has been great!

Thanks again, ForumCube!
@ForumCube responded to a custom addon request I made in order to improve and enhance a feature on my site allowing users to find compatible online study buddies for online courses.. They proved to be very professional and worked exactly to my specifications, tweaking and changing things along the way if I asked them to. They kept me updated on a regular basis promptly answering any questions I had during the building and testing phases.
I am very happy with the work ForumCube have done and I would highly recommend them (y)
I hired Fahad and his team to re-theme my forums and build some custom plugins.
I am super impressed with the professional, quick and quality work these guys do.
There was never a "can't do it" answer and they worked through all of my changes and bugs without hesitation.
The communication was very good (I swear Fahad never takes a day off) and they speak perfect english.
This isn't your typical Indian developer, these guys get it done the right way!
Extremely happy with the work and process @ForumCube #Forumcube has done on my site.
I have been working with Fahad and the @ForumCube team on some custom add-on creation projects.

They have been ahead of schedule on delivery, polite, responsive, and they even gave me access to a live demo during the development process.

I will definitely continue to use their services for future XenForo related projects!

@ForumCube, thanks guys! Appreciate all the hard work and the awesome, clean coding! :)
Just got a custom add-on made by ForumCube. Impressions are: fast and thoughtful communication, fair price and excellent results! Recommend this development team!
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