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I'd like to say here that we are happy after working with ForumCube, they delivered what we wanted, and they did not stop until we were 100% satisfied. No need to look elsewhere anymore :)
We run a relatively small non-profit site with 500k posts, 20k members, and 1-2 million pageviews/month. We've spent nearly 12 months planning our migration from vBulletin to xenForo. After getting everything configured out of box, we had 23 custom add-on requests, all of which ForumCube completed. Here is my review of their services:

Price: 10/10
Their quotes were fair and beat the competition by a long shot. But the main thing we really appreciated was how they stuck to their quotes. Sometimes there were changes to requirements and effort, but they always stuck to the quote. This was incredibly professional and we trusted them very much because of that.

Quality: 10/10
All of the add-ons do exactly what we asked for. I write requirements for a living, so I'm sure I was a bit perfectionist/annoying to deal with. Still, they took our mockups and written requirements, turning it all into a reality exactly as we imagined. There were minimal queries, and no performance hits whatsoever.

Speed: 10/10
Well, ForumCube would probably give me a 1/10 :) I couldn't keep up with them! I'd take a month or two to write the requirements (38 pages long), send them along, and within weeks they were ready to test! All of my questions and suggestions were promptly implemented in their QA environment by the next day.

Overall Experience: 10/10
Obviously 10/10 given the above. These guys are fast, professional, and great at what they do. They offered free support for our add-ons when we go live, which is such a huge relief. They also included some free improvements to our requests, which I know required more effort and complexity. Not only do they implement your requirements, they use their technical expertise to propose even better solutions. We can't wait to work with them again in the future, as I'm sure we'll have a bajillion more requests over the coming months.
Experience with Forumcube : 10/10

We hired ForumCube's services for our Test-prep based forum.

Right from the start they have been super-supportive of the changes that we wanted. We came up with an idea and ForumCube executed it so well and very much to our surprise.

The Best part about ForumCube is they are very patient with the customers and they are more than flexible to bring in a few changes even when it deviated from the agreed points. They give customers the confidence that they are in the best hands. I would like to thank Fahad for bearing with us with all our never-ending feedback and suggestions. He and his team has been extremely professional and supportive.

Will definitely look forward to work with them in the future.
We approached Fahad about an engagement after reading the many positive experiences others shared on the forum (very helpful - thank you!). Upgrades to comply with PayPal's new security-related requirements. Config forum for HTTPS. Couple of coding tweaks to navigation bar and to add copyright verbiage.

Fahad was quick to respond, to both the initial query, and to the many follow-up emails. Throughout, was the model of patience (!), as the job took shape. He projected a completion date, and the job was finished on that date.

Very professionally handled. Obviously skilled. ForumCube is on standby for our next undertaking — upgrade to 1.5.7 along with add-on changes.

A great experience! Thanks to Fahad and the ForumCube team.
Not everyone has deep pockets unfortunately :( If I did, I probably would have hired him too.
@Rigo, I just started a conversation with you. Please feel free to join me and let me know if you need any work done. I will try to work on price as much as possible.
Another great experience with Fahad and his team to delicately unwind a fairly complicated mess with several sites. They unraveled, assured back-up, removed obsolete sites, and created a standalone forum and test forum. They were very patient in our slower-than-usual response time due to extenuating circumstances. Now looking to upgrade to 1.59, with PHP upgrade and new skin/add-ons. Thank you, Fahad.
Experience working with ForumCube so far 10/10

I approached them to develop a fully customized xenforo forum theme and they delivered. They listened to all my requests and nitpicks about design layout and implemented these changes. Very easy communication with them and I hope to work with them in the future.
@ForumCube did some custom work for an addon we needed. It was not an easy task but they made it look so. They were very quick in their communication and were up front about the limitations of what would work and what would not. I received a finished product that was polished and works great.
@ForumCube managed to create an add-on no one else was even able to offer a quote on. They charge above the market but deliver a product for XenForo that no one else here can.
ForumCube developed a custom addon for me and I was very impressed with the result as well as their customer service. Will definitely use them again in the future.
I contact with this people to make an addon for xenforo.

Price: Very good.
Time: They are not very speed, but when they said that they will finish, they do that.

The best of all: They have an incredible support. They try to help you all the time and give to you new ideas.

I am very happy with the addon they made to me.
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