ask for custom development addon


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We are looking for a licence key system for your forum, where a user buys a package and receives a key, then they redeem it and gets access until the subscription ends.

Below is the proper things we want-
1. We want a system where licence key gets generated against the subscription package, along with bulk key generation option only for admin and manually generation of keys so that we can sell on other sites the keys.
2. There should be a redeem page for user to redeem the key and they get automatically promoted to the role we define. And upon subscription expiry they should get auto demoted.
3. There should be a expiry time that can be seen by the users. Also users should get notification when the subscription is about to expire.
4. There should be a log panel where admins can see all the generated keys, redeemed keys against the username, expiry date, redeem date, etc.
5. Option for making custom subscription package by admin where we can set subscription validity, price, promoted role, demoted role, etc.
6. One click import and export of all the keys for backup and using other selling systems like selly
7. a custom time of expir we can set by every key or bulk keys

what we now have is this.. but it doenst support a limit of expir date of the key and subscibtion
thats what we need