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wordpress and xenforo integration

  1. Your Ski Advisor

    Other Looking for WP merging help and someone to handle maintenance.

    First of all we are very happy with Xenforo and our community loves it. With that said, we need help. Our site (pugski.com) is up and running well but we didn't build it and the person who did needs to move on so we need someone to pass the reins to. I/we are not tech people, we do not know or...
  2. D

    XF 1.5 How to migrate from Wordpress to Xenforo forums threads.

    Dear Support, We are going to migrate our Wordpres to this forum xenforo.Please can you provide us instruction how to do it. Please tell us what table are responsible for saving forums topics and threads attachments? Thanks
  3. B

    Can Xenforo be integrated with wordpres

    If it can be integrated with wordpress, what functions will the integration have?
  4. T

    XF 1.5 Integrating Wordpress and Xenforo

    My website is Wordpress, but the membership forum is Xenforo. When someone signs up on my Wordpress site, how can I pass their credentials to Xenforo to create their account and allow them to auto-login upon sign up? Thanks.
  5. allangeorge

    Is it possible to integrate xenforo with wordpress

    My website is a fitness community; it has a blog section and forum. Blog section is done in wordpress and forum is currently done using bbpress. But I am planning to migrate from bbpress to xenforo. Here are few concerns raised by my web developer:- If i add a ecommerce to my current...