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WordPress bridge for XF2?

I know there is a popular bridge for XF1, I can't find it atm. I recently installed XF1 on a dev site to play around with it, saw that XF2 was just released, so I'm upgrading that now. But my original plan was to use a bridge for WP/XF for an existing site. Now that XF2 is out, will the WP bridges be updated as well?

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
ThemeHouse is currently building one. I wrote a bit about what we have so far and what we aim to have released here. Summary of what we have planned:
  1. Matching theme without having to do 2 separate projects
  2. Component system for scaffolding using XenForo variables
  3. Single sign-on bridge
  4. Ability to auto-create new threads per post with parameters (ie, posts from Announcement category get posted to XenForo)
  5. Said threads will be referenced on XenForo
  6. Posts can be made from WordPress as comments and map to thread on XenForo
  7. Ability to display latest news and latest posts across software (even if ends up being RSS, not sure on this yet)
  8. Ability to pass various variables back and forth (for add-ons, customization, scoping, etc)