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Hello everyone,
I am considering using WordPress and XenForo with XFtoWP addon as the bridge between both platforms. While browsing the forum, I noticed that some users are facing issues with the support of this plugin. I am wondering if this addon is still actively supported by the developer.
Before investing in XFtoWP, I would like to gather some insights from the community. Should I go ahead and invest in it despite the reported issues, or would you recommend looking for an alternative solution?
Looking forward to hearing your experiences and recommendations. Thank you!
Hi @ELiTEx,

I am sharing my own experiences here. We bought the plugin a couple of weeks ago and the developer @kolakube was quite responsive in the pre-sales phase... however, after configuring the plugin we noticed some major issues with the plugin. We tried to contact the original developer by multiple ways (their support form, email, PM on XenForo, and official support thread for XFtoWP) but none of the ways worked for us.

Unfortunately, we had to dedicate one of our in-house developers to this plugin and make the required adjustments to make it work. We found over 3-4 major bugs which couldn't be solved by the original developer.
Hopefully, @kolakube the developer of XFtoWP will chime in and shed some light on it. The feature that the plugin has is all I need for my use case. I looked on the website, but there is no contact form or email address to get in touch with the developer. I'm just wondering if anyone has the contact information for the developer so that I can ask some of my pre-sale questions to them. And Thanks @loyalis for your input.
This is nonsense, we paid so much money, what kind of support is this? I can say that I regret not being able to find this support.
From conversations with a long time xenforo license holder that I purchased from, this is somewhat a typical issue with this software and their reliance on outside developers. He warned me of the dependence on outside developers and their eventually either leaving the environment (and leaving the users in the lurch) or being questionable in their support. I am happy (so far) with what it offers me at the $25 cost I paid. But honestly, if I had to pay the normal price I'd have some questions. The main problem is I'm disabled so I don't have a lot of money to spend on stuff like this that I want to try to make some additional income from, so I had to take advantage of the other license holders offer to me at the low price (I won't go into that price decision as he warned me about upsetting certain people here).
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