Connect with WordPress is Possible?


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Hello friends,

I have a website using wordpress. Now i want to create a Forum for my website. I have found XenForo is the best one for create forums.

I want to connect XenForo with WordPress. Wordpress is best for blog and XenForo is best for Forum. This is the reason why i want to connect both applications.

My Requirement is both XenForo & WordPress will use the same user database. User can access both sites using same login detail.

Please help me to do this.

My WordPress Site :



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The above is a very popular suggestion to implement single sign on in core XenForo so that you can connect the xenforo userbase and login to another install. WordPress for example.

XPress is a third party addon which forces you to use a Themehouse style.


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You can use every style you want. It just fits perfect with themehouse and default. All other styles has to be customized.


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This will not do what you want if your main site is WordPress with the Xenforo forum as a secondary "support" forum. It only works where Xenforo is the primary site. All users have to register at the forum first.
IMO you want the user authentication and security handling to be done by XenForo, not by Wordpress.


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IMO you want the user authentication and security handling to be done by XenForo, not by Wordpress.
Read what I wrote above.

You do NOT want this if your main site is WordPress, especially if it's subscription-based, and you are adding Xenforo as a support forum for the main site.


Could anyone give an idea how many hours it could take to customise and integrate Xenforo with WordPress and Wiki? Assuming Xenforo would have in it a few subforums running? Just an order of magnitude pls :)


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I will also learn to do this. My Wordpress website is available, the operation is also okay. Now need to add a forum to discuss and exchange!
And what prevents the use of XenWord? Although the author removed it here, he updated it on his site. There are problems with user synchronization, but I managed to solve this problem. Excess garbage removed at last. The plugin works surprisingly no problem. However, the problem of accounting for the latest entries on the statistics widgets has not been resolved. I even had to fix the widget code on the activity of the latest topics. The rest works fine. If we could continue to refine the plugin or create a similar but modified one, there would be no price. Currently, it performs its function and there are no problems, and the author updates it, although not so often. I am supporting him on my resource on behalf of the Russian community. For some reason, no one else is trying to support him, not to localize and not to correct errors, I had to take on this role. Not much has been done, but so far satisfied with the work.

If anyone owns this plugin, I can share my corrections of some functions. A trifle, but nice after all. I do not know much about PHP, but I understand something about this. Therefore, it is difficult to fully maintain technical support and correct the author himself.

Sorry for the Russian examples of the plugin itself. Translated by myself for the convenience of work.

For example:
in \ src \ Includes \ Widgets \ Statistics \ StatsWide.php
removed the visibility of recent messages, because the correct accounting does not work and I don’t know how to fix it.
in \ src \ Includes \ Widgets \ Users \ Login.php
It is better to make your own buttons for redirecting to the forum for entry or registration. Built-in work crookedly.
in \ src \ Widgets \ Threads \ Threads.php
Here you need to change some parts of the code so that the display is correct.

I will not explain how to edit this, change and delete here, you can look at the forum of my site.

Below I will write only the correction of a known error that users are not created after logging in to WP after registration.
in src / Includes / Members / Login.php
in Line 60 need add this row:
(new Options ()) -> checkMemberOptions ($ wp_role);
fix error.png
I and one friend found a mistake, he posted the correction on the author’s website. I think this will help a lot for normal operation. Why the author did not notice this is not clear. True, I did not observe this error after the last update. But in case of what, keep in mind.


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Hi, I am also looking at this option too, coming from a non-tech background how easy is it to incorporate the plugins to the word press website?
My worry is that there is limited themes we can play around with based on the plugins above, is it best to create a separate forum then direct people to our website? our website is student-focused and our main website requires people to register degree information and their academic background, our forums focus is to engage a community of students together to discuss key academic challenges, the ultimate goal is for people to sign up on our main website but also be registered on the forum (whilst the forum would be a less informal and chatty), we do not want to throw people off what is the best option from everyone's experience, is it best to set up an independent forum or is it best to get people to register on the website that would also have the forum?
Techtech100, In your case, it may be easier to use the WP plugin on the forum to tie it inside the WP. But on a kind and navigation it will be at level Myphp if so to compare. If you need a general registration and communication of comments between WP and XF, but without violating the design, XenWord is your choice. There is its analogue XPress, but it imposes the design of registration, another's is possible, but it will be necessary to deal with adaptation, especially there are problems with display of comments. And the inability to work with subdomains when XenWord has no such problems. It has the profile column widgets, as shown above. I can provide a solution to the latest activity statistics for topics. General statistics also works well, but it's better to remove the latest messages and resources at once. Otherwise, the plugin works without any problems. However, I have heard that there are some problems with its purchase from the author, but if you can't download it, it's better to draw up a refund at once.