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Unmaintained New Posts and Threads 1.1.5

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There is no visible branding anymore from this version on. If you currently use the 1.1.4 release there is no need to copy any files. You just need the XML file to update.
An error occured on the „Recent Posts and Threads“ page when there weren't any recent posts or threads.
This release fixes a regression introduced in the 1.1.1 release. The page naviagtion links in the „New Posts“ and „New Threads“ tab always linked to the „New Posts and Threads“ tab.
This release fixes an error in the HTML that resulted in the incorrect display of some elements in IE9 and possibly also other browsers. If you upgrade from the 1.1.1 release you do not need to overwrite any files. Just use the provided .xml file.
  • the navbar link for recent content now links to the correct target if „friendly URLs“ are deactivated
  • shows the correct page instead of an error if the URL contains an invalid search ID and the new search returned no results. This can happen e.g. if a search engine bot crawls your site.
  • in case of „no results” the correct tab is now always shown as active
This release includes two new features:
  1. A new navbar link for recent content
  2. View permissions for each navbar link and tab heading

1. Navbar link for recent content

Left to the link for new content there is now a link that shows the results in the „recent mode“. In this mode, the tabs show the same threads as they would show if you click in the „new mode“ on the recent links that are located on the right side directly above the results list. But the difference is that in „recent mode“ the tab headings contain „Recent“ instead of „New“ (and of course also link to recent searches).

Furthermore, in „recent mode“ only tabs from this add-on are shown as other tabs such as the one for profile posts (only) show new content. However, you can disable this feature by unchecking the corresponding option.

2. New permissions

For each of the two navbar links and the six tab headings (3 for new and 3 for recent content) there is now a permission. So you have full control over which navbar links and tab headings are shown to which user. Note that these perms are only for viewing the links/tab headings and not for the actual content that is displayed if you click on them.

Now, as a results of the possibility to hide tabs, the navbar links now depend on the the tab related permissions. For example, if the user has only permission for the new content navbar link and the „New Posts“ tab heading, the navbar link will be named „New Posts“ instead of „New Posts and Threads“. Note that in this case if you use the Unread Posts Counter you may want to disable it.
It is now possible to use route filters that change route(s) of the „New Posts and Threads“ add-on tabs. If you have any such rule you may need to adjust the major/minor sections in the „New Posts and Threads“ options accordingly.
  • the „New Posts and Threads“ tab is now shown as selected when it is active
  • the search results page navigation bars now show the correct thread numbers („Showing results x to y of z")
  • a click on a search results page navigation link now result in the display of the correct search results
  • fixed a bug that resulted in a „Undefined variable: newThreads“ error message in the „New Posts“ and „New Threads“ tab when there were new/unread posts and no new/unread threads
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