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Autocomplete Location Lite 1.0.0

Autocomplete for the location field

  1. Thomas.B
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:
    This add-ons makes it super easy for your members to state their location (city, state or country). Often the right location is already shown on the autocomplete list after the user entered only 3 to 4 letters. The webservice that this add-on uses to search locations has access to almost 3 million names of populated places and to more than 5 million alternate names.


    Live demo

    You can try this add-on on the sign-up page of my website. Note, that my site uses the paid Autocomplete Location add-on. However, in terms of the autocomplete list itself there is no difference to the free version.

    Differences to the paid version

    The free version has only two options (see attached screenshot). The most significant drawback ist probably that this add-on cannot save atomic location data which is required for e.g. location searches with the Member Search add-on. Also you cannot force users to pick a location from the autocomplete list. So using the autocomplete list is always optional for users.

    Secure sites

    Secure sites (HTTPS) are not supported by default. If you have a secure site you can choose between the following three options:


    The „usual procedure“. For your convenience, you may use the Add-on Install & Upgrade add-on.

    Privacy notice

    If you use this add-on with one of my Geonames Premium Access plans, each request to the Geonames service will be tracked by my server. The following information will be transfered:
    • the page type from which the request originated („Registration“ or „Personal Details“ page)
    • the anonymized IP address of the user that caused the request
    Note that „anonymized“ means that only the first three parts of the IP address are unchanged. For example, anonymized version of the address would be
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