VaultWiki 4.0.22

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(released April 13, 2018)
  • Custom Reason for Mass Replace
  • Performance improvements to some deferred tasks
  • Removed version number from cache-buster
  • Fixed missing CSS for some wiki content inserted on non-wiki pages
  • Fixed URLs as template arguments being treated as invalid
  • Over 20 other fixes and improvements
(released March 16, 2018)
(released February 8, 2018)
  • Health information for the Wiki Active setting
  • Scalability improvements in clean-up tasks
  • Fixed confusing/inconsistent behavior of last-update field and notifications
  • Over 80 other fixes and improvements not necessarily affecting XenForo
(released December 1, 2017)
(released October 17, 2017)
  • Wiki-only Option for Navbar Search
  • Class for Add-Ons to Register Their Own Auto-Link Types and Toggles
  • Separate Protection Toggle for Adding/Removing Node Children
  • Username Suggestion when creating Moderators, Masks, and viewing Contributions
  • Option to display FOOTNOTEs inline without using REFLIST
  • Reduced size of search results URL
  • Unsent instant notifications now expire after 7 days
  • Compatibility with more versions of [bd] Widget Framework
  • Fixed some race conditions
  • Over 60 other fixes and improvements
(released August 6, 2017)
  • HTML/Line-break Options for HTML-enabled Pages
  • Load Font-Awesome from CDN or MaxCDN
  • Fixed static CSS cache never being used
  • Fixed conflict with [bd] Api on Windows
  • Fixed inconsistent alerts for @mentions and quotes
  • Fixed some style discrepancies
  • Over 150 other fixes and improvements
(released May 30, 2017)
  • Form-Based Import Configuration and Validation
  • Select All for Add Existing Page dialog
  • Mass Search-and-Replace Tool
  • Fixed array-to-string conversion while saving some BB-Codes
  • Fixed fatal error while add-on disable is still processing
  • Fixed missing database records for users who registered while add-on was disabled
  • Over 80 other fixes and improvements not necessarily affecting the Lite version
(released February 28, 2017)
  • Create New Page button on Wiki Index
  • Remove All User Subscriptions via Inline Moderation
  • Renamed some Admin Panel headings to avoid confusion
  • Fixed guests can't view user's list of feeds
  • Fixed conflict with add-on: sonnb XenGallery
  • Fixed conflict with add-on: Remove Likes
  • At least 20 other bugs were fixed
(released January 8, 2016)
  • Convert Forum Threads to Wiki Pages [beta]
  • Synonyms Tab for Feeds and Special Pages
  • Edit Tab for Special Pages
  • Pagination for Categories / Feeds Containing this Page
  • Pagination for Translations of this Page
  • Pagination for Pages Using This Template and notice for pages not updated since template was
  • Pages Using This Attachment
  • Integration Location on Forum List
  • Option to Disable Section Editing Mode
  • PHP 7.1.x Compatibility
  • rel="noopener" for URL BB-Code on wiki pages
  • Lock/Unlock Discussions on a Page
  • At least 200 other fixes and improvements
(released November 8, 2016)
  • Ability to set CDN path for wiki CSS/Javascript
  • Thumbnails for High-Density Displays (4K, Retina, etc)
  • Fixed conflicts when translating at the same time as another user
  • Fixed data loss when editing pages with over 200 categories
  • Fixed non-inline attachments in wiki comments
  • Fixed some race conditions
  • Fixed ability to delete old edits
  • At least 90 other fixes and improvements