VaultWiki 4.1.3

No permission to buy ($15.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
Additional requirements
PHP: 5.5+
MySQL: 4.4.1+ (5.1+ recommended)
MySQL tables: 75+ (for some shared hosts)
MySQL max_allowed_packet: 1M+
Disk Space: 12M+ (1G+ recommended)
iNodes: 5000+ (for some shared hosts)
Memory limit: 32M+ (64M+ recommended for XenForo)

This add-on performs an external callback to a VaultWiki-operated server once per day to check for add-on updates, which are then displayed in the Admin Panel.
Updates duration
* $15 for 1 month; renews at $15/monthly, or $80/year
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Owners of community web sites using popular forum software like XenForo already know that content has, and forever will be, the king. Content keeps your community engaging, driving new signups, ad revenue, subscriptions, and more content. Forum suites have given your site the power to shift a significant part of the content creation process to the community itself. But there's a problem:

In threaded discussion, users are implicitly pitted against one another in a race to create the most popular discussion and maintain a top spot in the thread list. This drives the creation of multiple threads on similar topics, some with information sprinkled throughout pages and pages of replies. When similar threads have 200 replies, new users joining those threads don't want to read through everything to find the information they need. Instead, they:
  • Don't even bother, and try to find another site with more authoritative information, OR
  • Pick one and read through it all, but their question was answered in a different thread, OR
  • Post their question as a reply, but it is lost in the ongoing discussion or they are told "Your question was answered. Try reading the thread next time," OR
  • They post their question as a new thread, and further dilute the importance of existing threads, OR
  • They just give up on the topic entirely, and they leave.
VaultWiki to the rescue! Instead of making your users compete, VaultWiki gives them a place to work together to build that one authoritative post.

Encourage Users to Work Together
VaultWiki allows your community to collaborate to create and publish content pages for your site. Multiple users can edit the same page, and your staff can moderate changes as they are made. VaultWiki maintains a detailed history of every page, making it just as easy to reverse unwanted changes.

Create All Kinds of Content
With VaultWiki, you can create general site content, user manuals for your products, wikis, eBooks, eCommerce product pages, and more. With a little imagination, VaultWiki can be purposed to do almost anything.

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Community
At its core, VaultWiki is an add-on product for your XenForo forum platform. Its pages all meld with the forum's existing style. Users write new content with the same editor and BB-Codes they are already familiar with. The content is indexed by your forum's built-in search engine. And each user's contributions are acknowledged on his or her profile.

Attract New Membership
VaultWiki creates content and content URLs that are designed to drive new traffic to your site. With guides for search engines embedded in every page, each page preserves its value when it comes to generating traffic.

Fast, Responsive Support
Subscriptions come with free support in our forums and bug tracker system, and documentation is available online at all times. Paid installation and upgrade services can be ordered via our web site.

Active Development
The team at are actively involved in the development process. VaultWiki is constantly updated to be compatible with the newest forum software releases, to meet web standards, and to incorporate new technologies. Bugs are fixed promptly and new features come out all the time.

Demo link:
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This thread is for the paid version of VaultWiki 4 for XenForo 1.x. For the XenForo 2.x version, please use the following thread:
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3.87 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Changes in 4.1.3

    (released November 2, 2021) WEBP Image Format Support Fixed an issue causing circular synonyms...
  2. Changes in 4.1.2

    (released April 30, 2021) PHP 8 support Clean up log entries of completed tasks after a while...
  3. Changes in 4.1.1

    (released December 13, 2020) Fixed several database errors Fixed some aspects of approved edits...

Latest reviews

Great addon for Wiki functionality. Interlinking works perfect and allows our site to provide context to search engines so we can easier rank for certain hard-to-rank keywords :+1:

We've experienced a few bugs here and there, usually when updating, but nothing that breaks the site, and once reported on their support threads/forums we've usually gotten the fix within a day.

Superb support by the author.

Only thing I "dislike" is that their support forum runs vBulletin ;)
If you want an integrated wiki, this is the tool. Notifications linked in with the forum, exceptional integration. Takes some time to set up the Areas, but for a roleplay forum its perfect.

On the other hand be prepared to get your hands dirty. Pegasus provides exceptional support but it does have the odd bug than needs a manual fix. One of these so far was significant.

I love this product but if the developer left I would almost certainly have to remove it and migrate my content to another wiki product with cross authentication.
I used this software years ago, with vbulletin. Its was a complete disaster all the time, endless bugs yielding literally hundreds of hours in lost time.
I want a wiki for my forum but after my experience with this, I am very hesitant to ever use something that leaves content completely screwed up if its disabled. So again, my rating on this is code is to forewarn members of the setbacks should you have the same experiences as I did. Looking ahead, if this wiki has been improved and should you discontinue updating it, thus forcing xenforo users to have to uninstall it... what would the wiki bbcode content look like? Would it have all sorts of special bb code broken?
It is not clear from your review whether you have actually tried the version you have reviewed. VaultWiki has come a long way from "years ago." There is a new version with fixes every 1-2 months. Whether you were referring to a beta or some other version, I don't know.
As above "Active Development" & "Fast, Responsive Support" really describe it best. We've been in the process of migrating from MediaWiki over the past month & I am consistently impressed by the support Pegasus provides. Highly recommend this author & add-on.
So, after receiving several bugs and asking support about it, they said it was on my end as we 'changed something' even though we never touched the core code at all, and simply uploaded it. After re-purchasing to upgrade it in hopes it'd fix it it crashed my whole site, and I had to remove it. Spend the extra $20 and get XenCarta's wiki, it'll save you a lot of time, and headache.
The customer's issue was unique. It should be noted that this customer was asked several times to file a private support ticket to resolve the issue, but this customer never did so. The customer was also given instructions to resolve the issue on their own, but never responded, so we assumed the issue was fixed. This customer expects bugs to magically become fixed without reporting issues for months and does not respond to support inquiries for more information. Avoid this customer at all costs!
After being a long time user of xencarta and moving my site to a domain/host, I decided to try Vaultwiki. Xencarta was nice, but was missing things not only do your visitors expect, but to build a more complex wiki was out of question with it. After trying Vaultwiki, I don't think I'd ever go back to XenCarta or any other wiki software. Everything that you'd expect in a wiki and more is in it. Easy learning curve for me since I'm also a developer and performance is the same as Xencarta. I only give it 4 stars because I wanted to put all images/js files to my CDN, but found no way to do that with the JS files in a easy sense. So thats why it gets a 4.
We added a setting to input a CDN path for VaultWiki's static resources in November (versions 4.0.15+). Thank you for making the request!
Fantastic integration and amazing support. The developer is very responsive and updates come regularly.
When I first installed the add-on it had a bug or two. Reported it to the Author and within reasonable time length those reports was answered and resolved with a solution! Not only the support is fantastic, the add-on works as intended. It it very easy to navigate through its infrastructure, has it's own ACP tab to make things even easier to operator. I'd recommended this to anyone who is looking for the next best thing to fully fledged wiki that is integrated into xenforo!
A lot of bugs. Support forum is pre-moderating(you will see your posts after few days), developer keep only "good" questions. We are moving back to xenCarta
I don't know why, but vBulletin randomly and automatically moderates some posts. We never use moderation for anything, and vBulletin does not have any kind of moderator alerts. For this reason, sometimes it can be several days before an admin notices that a post needs approval. We have been struggling with this problem for a long time. Hopefully soon we will be able to move the support site to XenForo.

Regarding bugs, there are only 10 known unresolved bugs. You have only posted 1 bug that I see, and a product update with the solution was posted in less than a week.
Perfect integrated wiki software for xenforo!
Perfect support - other developer can/should learn from pegasus!
I hope we will go a long time with vaultwiki + xenforo together!
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