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Unmaintained sonnb - XenGallery - Video Upload 1.2.4

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A minor update to work with PHP7 .
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Compatible with the new XF HTML5 uploader.
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- Fix watermark was not applied on animated thumbnails if using Imagick.
- Fix minor issue in he PHPVideoToolkit library which throws an exception while uploading video in PHP 5.3.0 which is a known issue of PHP 5.3.0.
- Fix minor issue in the PHPVideoToolkit library which throws an exception in the Server errors in some cases.
- Fix issue with animated thumbnail generation for very short videos.
- Fix issue when rebuilding contents.
- Check path of ffmpeg in option.
- Changed video poster to use bigger thumbnail.
- Updated importer to generate gif if enabled when importing and as well as use the defer to convert video rather import instantly.
- Ability to rebuild thumbnails .
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Remove dependency on ffmpeg-php extension.
- Move conversion process to Defer to avoid too much waiting time when adding videos. While the video is being converted, although video is added but it is not visible to public yet. Once the conversion completed, it will be available for viewing.
- Ability to create an animated thumbnail for uploading videos (Require external libraries).
- Add missing options and permission to limit upload file size.
- Some adjustments in the CSS.
- Fix an issue with the static variable.
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