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Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

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What is Showcase? Showcase is an "Content Management System" designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their users to "showcase" items visually through the use of uploaded images & associated images from XenForo Media Gallery, Comments, Reviews, Associated threads and textually through the use of Rich content & custom item fields content that provide detailed information pertaining to each item.

Key Features
  • Nested Categories – Unlimited Nested Categories.
  • Tabbed Content – Each Category can have up to 6 content tabs for users to display Rich Text information pertaining to the item (more tabs can be added via custom field as own tab)
  • Custom Item Fields - Custom Fields for Showcase Items
  • Custom Review Fields – Custom Fields for User Reviews
  • Prefixes - Prefix system for filtering Items
  • Tags - Integrated with Core XenForo Tags system
  • Watch Items - Receive alerts & emails when at item is updated, a review is posted or a comment is made.
  • Watch Categories - Receive alerts & emails when a new item is created.
  • Find-new - Displays Unread/Unviewed Showcase items.
  • User Permissions – Decide which users or user groups can use Showcase.
  • Full Category Permissions – All usergroup permissions can be set per category.
  • Image Permissions – Decide how many images and file size of image users or user groups can add.
  • News Feed Integration – User activities in Showcase show up in XenForo's news feed system.
  • Ratings – AJAX rating system for items
  • Reviews – Rate and Review System (with Custom Field System)
  • Alerts – Users will be notified when someone likes their Item or comment and when someone replies to their Item.
  • Multiple Responsive Layouts - List View, Grid View, Article View, Tile View.
  • Phrased for Translations
  • XenForo Media Gallery Album Integration
  • bd Widget Framework - Fully integrated with the Widget Framework. Includes several renderers to create widgets.
  • [CTA] Featured Threads & Portal Integration

Official "See it in action" Sites:
Category Content. Category Content allows you to add custom content (Plain Text or HTML) to the first page of a category above the items listing.

Custom Item Fields: Showcase has its own custom fields manager. You can create custom fields for 7 "zones" (Tabs 1-5, a sidebar Module and Self Placement).

Featured: Items can now be marked as "featured". Featured Items are showcased in the Featured Module on the Showcase Landing page. There are also 2 Widgets available in the [bd] widget framework that also display "featured" items. A new Moderator Permission 'Mark Items Featured' allows the marking and unmarking.

Ratings: Each item can be rated with the Star Rating System. When a user rates an item, the owner of the item receives an alert as well as a newsfeed item is generated. There is a user group permission that allows you to set whether a user group can rate an item or not. You can also set a permission which allows the item owner to rate their own items. When rating own items, alerts are not sent and newsfeeds are not posted.

Rate and Review: You can now set (per category) Rate and Review which allows reviews for items. You can also set an option to force reviews (per category). Reviews have their own tab per item.

Custom Review Fields: Showcase has its own custom review fields manager. This allows you to create "fields" that will display on the user review form (star ratings, input, radio, dropdown etc).

Discussion Thread Integration: You can set (per category) whether to auto create threads for new items.

Comments: Each item has its own comments section (enabled Per Category) . Comments can be replied to, liked, edited and deleted (depending on permissions). The owner of the item receives an alert for all new comments. Users that have made a comment will also receive an alert when new comments are posted (users can opt out of this). Comments and Reply's are fully BBCODE parsed and users can be tagged and alerted.

Likes: Each item and comment can be liked (an unliked). Alerts are sent and newsfeed items are created when items and comments are liked.

Report: Each Item and comments can be reported. Uses the XenForo report system.

Moderation Queue: Items can be placed in "moderation" and handled via the XenForo moderation queue as well as the Item Management System in the Admin CP. You can also set a permission making all newly created items "Moderated" for an individual or user group.

Search: Fully integrated with XenForo search to include its own tab on the Advanced Search.

Newsfeed: New Items are posted to the newsfeed as well as comments ratings and likes.

Alerts: Item owners receive alerts when anyone likes their item, rates their item or posts a comment on their item. Anyone that has made a comment with get an alert when a new comment is posted.

Options: All modules have options to set the amount of content to be displayed. All pages have settings for the amount of items to be displayed per page.

Permissions: To many to list. Pretty much any action that one can do is driven by permissions. Also, the amount of images and the image file size is set by permissions so that you can have different image upload settings per user group. Permissions can be fully controlled at User, User Group and Category levels.

Daily Statistics: Fully integrated with the built in Xenforo Daily Statistics Tool in the Admin CP. Display statistics for Items, Item Likes, Ratings, Reviews, Review Likes, Comments, Comment Likes, Attachments and Attachment Disk usage.

Images/Image Gallery: I use most of the core xenforo attachment system for this, however, I have also overridden parts of it as well so that showcase can have unique image attachment settings that only pertain to it and does not effect the core attachments system. One of these is the ability to set the amount of images per user group that a user can upload to each item. Another is file size. Also, showcase only allows IMAGES to be uploaded (this is not a downloads manager). It also uses different thumbnail size settings to allow for crisp clear large thumbnails without effecting the small thumbnails setting for Threads.

XenForo Media Gallery integration: Fully integrated with XenForo Media Gallery allowing the Showcase Item owner to associate a XFMG Album, XFMG Media Items and XFMG Video Items to their Showcase Item gallery.

[bd] Widget Framework: Fully integrated with the Widget Framework. Currently includes 6 Widgets (Renderer's) (Featured, Recent Items, Popular Items, Top Rated, Image Gallery and Tabbed).

[CTA] Featured Threads & Portal: Fully integrated with CTA FT Portal. Currently available are 2 main content Blocks (Slider Block and Items Listing Block) and 2 sidebar blocks (Tabbed Items and Recent User Reviews).
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Latest reviews

This is an amazing addon, an essential for so many XF sites and created by one of the most helpful developers.
Great article add-on that extends XF brilliantly and excellent customer service from Bob. Great value for money, recommended.
Since the last time I reviewed Showcase, ~30 suggestions implemented. Lots of awesome features, including but not limited to, Category Map and Refine System. Thanks, @Bob for all your great work on your add-ons.
This addon is a masterpiece. There are so many things you can do with this, I just love all the customizations available. I'm currently using this as a Database. Worth every penny.
Bob is actively and continousely improving his add-ons including Showcase.

You can enjoy more if you get an early adapter license (you will see and feel improvement almost all day long. I Highly suggest you to be keen to see if Bob sell you early adapter license)

Absolutely stable add-on, even when it is marked as beta.

Feature rich enough to fit your needs. Tons of features that let you do whatever you want.

Thanks Bob for your great works.
This add-on is almost perfect. What is more amazing is Bob himself. His friendly and highly knowledgeable. His support is simply outstanding. I highly recommend Showcase.
Since I have last reviewed this addon with 5 stars it has been enhanced a lot more. Support is really good. Bugs are always fixed very swiftly. Many suggestions have been implemented. Top notch all around.
The mod appears to be a good mod, to be improved in some places, but on a good foundation. Waiting for future progresses.
It is an excellent add-on. It has a lot of features, and it gets regular updates. I use it as an aquarium showcase on my site.
I wish there was a author review system in Xenforo. Because I reviewed this add-on multiple times and its clear how I feel about it. But now want to share my feeling about Bob's works. In the time that most (if not say all!!) developers are gone and waiting for xf2, and the even don't fix important bugs of their addons, Bob is hardly working on his addon and even adds big features to them.

And about his addons, specially showcase: when you test it just for 1 minute, you will see that you won't be able to continue without it.

Thanks Bob for your great work. Wish you and your family the best :)
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