1. V

    Review Reactions 1.0

    This add-on for XenForo Resource Manager implements reactions to resource reviews and allows users to react as they would to any other content. The functionality utilises the existing 'React to resources/updates' permission to determine whether a user can react to reviews. Provides the...
  2. mcatze

    Fixed Changing phrase in admin template tools_file_check

    Hi everybody, many customers do translations for XenForo and the most add-ons. That brings sometimes some little conflicts with the phrases. I've found such a conflict and would like to collect some up votes for fix these conflict. Maybe its just a conflict in german language, but i will give...
  3. Allan

    Site Reviews - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: Site Reviews - - This add-on allows your members to leave reviews of your site. Read more about this resource...
  4. Petros

    Resources reviews not showing to guests

    Hi. Yesterday i found that resource reviews tab it's not showing on guests. I have seen all other sites have resource reviews in public. What i am missing? How i can show resource reviews to guests? If someone can help will be thankfull Regards
  5. Bob

    Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

    What is Showcase? Showcase is an "Content Management System" designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their users to "showcase" items visually through the use of uploaded images & associated images from XenForo Media Gallery, Comments, Reviews, Associated threads and textually...
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