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Pick'em & Survivor - Fantasy Sports Prediction games 2.2.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
  4. 2.3
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12 months. Renewable at a cost of $25 per 12 months
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Pick'em is a Fantasy Sports prediction game. Whether against the spread or straight up, you are tasked with picking the outcome of every game in a given week for an entire season.

Survivor is a popular variant of Pick'em where you only select a single team for the week and if you get it correct, you move onto the next week, if not you receive a strike and depending on the pool type (single, double or triple elimination), you may be eliminated.

Key Features
  • User Permissions
  • Pool Permissions
  • Unlimited Pools
  • Unlimited Sports (team vs team sports that have a weekly schedule)
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Seasons
  • Multiple Pool Types (Currently supports standard, Spread, Draw and Survivor)
  • Alerts to remind players to make their picks
  • Comments System
  • Reactions
  • Set a style per Pool
  • User Criteria that can be used for Trophies/Promotions
  • Phrased for Translations
  • 3 Widget Definitions used to create various Pick'em related widgets.
Reminders: Reminders are sent to users via the xf Alerts System when they have not yet made their picks for a given week. The first reminder is sent out at 48 hours. A 2nd reminder is sent out at 24 hours.

Auto Picks: Life gets busy at times, so Pick'em has an "Auto picks" function (per pool), that will make your picks for you if you have not submitted yet (the check happens during the 2nd reminder process).

Pick Distribution: This single module lists all games/matches for the given week with a percentage of picks placed on those teams. Draw pools adds an extra "draw" column to each match.

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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.2 Maintenance Release

    Maintenance Release 2.2.2 (Stable) Note: This version of Pickem requires XF 2.2.2 or higher...
  2. 2.2.0 Stable

    XF 2.2. compatible version and declared stable for support purposes. Note: This version of...

Latest reviews

One of the best resources on the market and a great way to improve user retention in a straight forward and easy way. For $45 this is an absolute steal. I recommend this and other products from Bob.
I have been using Bob's addons for my sports forum for a few years now. With each update he surpasses all my expectations. One of the best if not the best developer in our addon community. Support is sensational and always happy to assist.

This addon is a must have if you want to incorporate tipping of sports games within your community.

I dont give 5 stars easily but this is one addon that demands it given its featureset and robustness. Code running on your forum you can trust.
Another of Bob's great resources. Support is superb and the additions that he has added over the last 12 months have been superb. The quality of work that goes into this is top class.

This is a must if you are looking for a prediction league on your forum. Full 5/5 rating for this.
Been an avid user of both Pickem and Survivor for a long time - I'd previously run a predictions league on my site from before I switched to Xenforo and I couldn't do without.

If you are looking to add interest to your sports related site, or even a site dedicated to another genre that would benefit a Fantasy Sports distraction... this is for you.

Very stable and trustworthy in terms of quality, it's install and forget in the way of tweaking and maintenance, you'll be able to set it up and enjoy using, rather than spending hours fixing or shoehorning the addon to suit.

You'll not need support, but if you do, I know from experience that the author is attentive and passionate about his work.

I'm not someone who gives 5/5 for the sake of it, but happy to in this instance.
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