1. Bob

    Survivor - Elimination Style variant of Pickem 1.2.1

    Survivor is a Multi Sport based Elimination Pool game derived from Yahoo Sports Survival Football (which is a elimination style variant of Pickem). How is it played? Unlike Pickem in which you attempt to pick the winners of each game for a given week, in Survivor, you only pick one team that...
  2. Bob

    Pickem - Fantasy Sports Prediction game 1.5.3

    Pickem is a Fantasy Sports prediction game. Whether against the spread or straight up, you are tasked with picking the outcome of every game in a given week for an entire season. Key Features User Permissions – Decide which users or user groups can use Pickem, join pools, post comments etc...
  3. Bob

    Sportsbook & Betting Exchange 1.10.1

    Sportsbook allows your users to place wagers on outcomes of events with virtual cash/points/credits (either with built in Sportsbook cash or via 3rd party cash systems). There is also a Betting Exchange that allows members to place one on one bets against each other. NOTE: Demo is currently...