Survivor - Elimination Style variant of Pick'em

Survivor - Elimination Style variant of Pick'em 1.2.1

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Survivor is a Multi Sport based Elimination Pool game derived from Yahoo Sports Survival Football (which is a elimination style variant of Pick'em).

How is it played? Unlike Pick'em in which you attempt to pick the winners of each game for a given week, in Survivor, you only pick one team that you think will win its game in that particular week. Sounds easy enough right? Well, here is the twist on that part... you can only pick a given team ONCE during the entire season. (User Guide)

Key Features
  • Unlimited – There are no limits to the amount of Pools, Sports, Teams, Seasons, Games etc
  • Shared Seasons – Multiple Pools can use the same season (weeks/games)
  • Elimination Type - Currently supports Single, Double and Triple Elimination (per pool)
  • Draw Type – Draw counts as WIN or Draw Counts as LOSS (per pool)
  • Allow Join Pool by - This option lets you chose which user groups are allowed to join (per pool)
  • Comment System - This option lets you enable a comment system (per pool)
  • Pool Style - This option lets you set a specific style for a given pool
  • Permissions – Permissions to control various functions (per user group)
  • Alert Reminders - Alerts are sent to players that have not made their pick prior to week close date
  • Content and Achievements User Criteria - 8 Survivor related criteria for use creating Trophies, Promotions and Notices.
  • Phrased for Translations
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User Guide/FAQs: Survivor User Guide/FAQs | Xen Addons
Survivor Setup & Configuration Guide: Survivor Setup & Configuration Guide | Xen Addons
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Been using this addon since it's very first release and like all @bob's addons, it's well thought out, well implemented and works well!

An absolute must have for any site with a relation or interest in sports and it's really popular amongst our users.

No hesitation at all recommending this or any of Bob's other sports related addons, you won't regret getting hold of them.
A nice compliment to Pickem. We use this for 'knockout tipping comps'. Quality addon by the best developer on here.
Another top notch addon by one of the best devs on here. Must have for any sports oritentated website. Love your work!
Once again, another excellent add on released by Bob. Like all his other add ons, it is easy to set up from an admin point of view, and easy to use by the members of the site. How much more could you want? I'm sure we'll continue to get maximum use out of this add on for a long time to come.
Finally!!!! It has been awesome to watch this get coded from the absolute bottom up. Works perfect, no issues (as usual), solid code. Bob has done great work with this add-on, and any sports fan can easily find a use for this. Once again, instead of your users going to ESPN, CBSSports, etc.. Bob has released an add-on that keeps your users engaged and most importantly at your site. For any sports junkie, this is a must have.
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