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  1. kuyenmotdivad

    Add-on xenForo Portal / CMS?

    Hi, Is anyone making a Portal / CMS for xenForo 2, I found one (xenPorta) but it no longer works in the new release. Thanks
  2. Drunken

    XenForo Integrations

    Hey everyone! Pre-purchase question...I thought I remembered seeing a part of the site that mentioned other software/CMS that Xenforo was able to be or had integrations for..? Like WordPress, Comet Chat, SocialEngine, etc. Xenforo is an incredible forum, but also has enough extensions to make...
  3. K

    Home Page Builder for Xenforo

    This is one of best feature of IPB, well minus other issues in the platform. Pages/Content allows admins to build a homepage within the forum app vs. having to use Wordpress or another CMS. I think this would be great addition for XF 2.1. I don't see this as being a realistic expectation for...
  4. S

    Other Importscript to import old Joomla articles into Xenforo as threads

    Hi, I want to move away from Joomla. But I do not want to loose all old Joomla articles because of SEO. So I need to import them into xenforo. I need offers for an importscript. What needs to be imported? - Each Joomla article incl. images (no comments) as a thread in Xenforo (in one subforum...
  5. Puntocom


    Hello. I'm looking for Wordpress alternatives, I looked at static generators but after trying some of them I think they need more time to mature. Bolt CMS looks interesting. Anyone here using it? I'd be happy to read some opinions. Wordpress is bloated, it gives me headaches with updates, it's...