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I want to move away from Joomla. But I do not want to loose all old Joomla articles because of SEO. So I need to import them into xenforo. I need offers for an importscript.

What needs to be imported?

- Each Joomla article incl. images (no comments) as a thread in Xenforo (in one subforum only)
- Time stamp of Joomla publishing date as thread creation date in Xenforo
- Username of author in Joomla shall be username in Xenforo of thread starter

More details:

In the past, I ran Joomla (3.5x) independantly. No user sharing or bridge to xenforo. Only around 10 people are registered in Joomla. These 10 people wrote all articles in Joomla. There are no comments below the articles. So a very basic setup, very easy to import.

I have a new subforum with xenforo just for these Joomla articles, which is currently empty. I want to import/copy all Joomla articles into that specific subforum of xenforo. Each article shall be its own thread. The article headline is therefore the threadtitle. Since there are no comments in Joomla, each thread contains only one posting of the "threadstarter".

I need the same time stamp and date of the Joomla publishing date for the article also in xenforo.

The thread-creation date and time of the thread shall be the publishing date of Joomla article. Joomla Pubishing date, not Joomla creation date of articles. Both are different in Joomla very often.

The 10 users of Joomla do exist already in xenforo with the same username and same email address. Passwords I do not know. If it does not make it too complicated, I would like to keep the authors name for each article after the import.

But I can also delete all these Joomla users amnually or give them different names and email addresses who "wrote" then all articles and who does not exist yet in xenforo, if that makes it easier and cheaper. So the author's name is not as important obviously as the content of the article :)

Please send me a quote per PM and also how long this would take to do. I would pay with PayPal in tranches.

I use the newest Joomla 3.5x version and the newest Xenforo 1.56 version.


P.S.: I case you wonder why I want all old Joomla articles in a subforum of xenfore: I will then after the import use that subforum with the portal addon Xenporta 2 or CTA featured threads and portal to display them in the right time stamp order on my site. So I get rid of joomla and replace it with one of the mentioned addons :)
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Please send me a quote per PM and also how long this would take to do. I would pay with PayPal in tranches.

We are off today due to weekend. I need to discuss with teachnical team for price and quote of this job. I will respond tomorrow through private conversation.
update: After some offers I decided to cancel the idea of this importscript Joomla into Xenforo. It is out of my budget.
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