Vb5 Articles (CMS) to Xenforo and general import question


Hi, I am thinking about a migration from VB5 to Xenforo.

1. In my current vb5 forum, the startpage is a CMS page where I post some kind of "news articles".
Is something like this possible with Xenforo?

2. As far as i know there is an import script from Vb5, right?
Since I want to convert threads in my forum, blos as well as these articles mentioned above, I want to know, if this is possible?

VB5 is sporting all these topics as nodes (doesnt matter if its a blog or a article). So I guess the importer doesnt care and will import all content with the result, that for example VB5 blogs are located later on in my Xenforo forum, right?

Xenforo's vB5 importer:

  • Does import Blogs and blog comments as threads/posts.
  • Does import Groups and group posts as threads/posts.
  • Does CMS articles as threads
  • Does not import CMS comments.
  • Does not import galleries, albums and the pictures in them, that users have in their profiles. (We're working on an importer for this.)

If it's a large forum with a few million posts with many attachments, set aside a lot of time. Their importer slows down terribly on these.
Thanks for the info, I like that!

BUT regarding the last point: galleries, albums and so on... what about the pictures I uploaded in posts and articles? Are they also gone?

It imports anything stored as an "attachment" in a post that the user uploaded directly into the post. I believe this includes CMS articles, but not 100% certain.

Also, it does not import
- Profile visitor message attachments.
@Zweeper Good question about articles on XF.

While I chose XF over vB, it's much better than XF in terms of articles, having a basic, but proper CMS when I tried the demo, which I quite liked. It's got tags and various other features that XF doesn't. All you have with XF are threads dressed up to sort of look like articles; you don't even have a scheduled posting feature. I've tried to convince the devs to add something like vB has, but so far, they're totally tightlipped about it unfortunately, so I have no idea if it's ever coming to XF.

I therefore strongly recommend you trying out the XF demo in order to properly understand how articles work on this platform before doing anything else and see if you're satisfied with this as it could be a dealbreaker for you.
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