New to Xenforo and have quite a few questions


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Just wondering if there were add-ons for these particular features? I am looking for alternatives for my anime forum based off Naruto. We are a fairly large community and i am hearing Xenforo is the best for us.

1. Is there a way to add custom backgrounds to the Admin login screen?

2. Is there a super/master admin capability? That can't be altered/edited by other individuals?

3. Does Xenforo have any sort of chatroom functionality? I am looking for something allows 1 to 1 private messaging within the chatroom as well as the ability to possibly attach images within the chatroom.

4. Credits Modification? I am looking for something that gives users the ability to obtain forum points/money and use it as a means to buy virtual products(not physical goods)

5. One of our users have been adamantly pushing this modification

I hear it is supposed to be like a reputation system? I am not sure how to get in touch with the modifications author but does it work like a reputation system? And are you able to add any sort of custom icon/images to this of your choosing?

6. Recent Posts-
IS there any modification that preferably can sit at the top of the forum page that shows a live version of recent posts that are made?

It seems a few XF sites i've seen and joined have something but the posts seem to be delayed in their updating so you're behind.

7. Are you able to add Animated Avatars? A group of our forum users claim that Xenforo does not support this and this is a big deal to some.

8. Members photos in the online list? Is this possible?

9. Are users able to easily change their own usernames when they wish?

10. Most importantly, some of our users have suggested IPS4 to us and I wanted to know if there was anything similar to IPS4 for desktop notifications on Xenforo? That allow you to have a notification sound as well as of course the desktop notification. I thought that was pretty snazzy and had never seen it before in a forum.

I appreciate the time you have given for reading and responding.

Chris D

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  1. Admin CP styling isn't ideal. Theoretically it can be done using the Template Modification feature, but this is a developer tool. Any changes to Admin templates would be overwritten after an upgrade unless the TM feature is used. To be clear, you can edit the public templates as much as you like, these are not overwritten after upgrade.
  2. Yes, there are Super Administrators. These are Administrators who automatically have all Admin permissions and they are not editable by normal Administrators.
  3. There are a number of chat / shoutbox add-ons available.
  4. There are a number of credits add-ons.
  5. That is a popular add-on and one of the highest rated - it allows you to define more actions besides from the normal "Like".
  6. Not sure about a live update of recent posts, but there are a number of portal / widget systems which do provide the ability to place blocks and other widgets in any place you like. There are certainly widgets that will list the current X posts, but whether or not there are any that automatically update live on screen without a refresh, I'm not sure.
  7. Animated avatars would require having the Imagick extension enabled on the server. This maintains animated images even after being resized.
  8. This is possible, there is an add-on I wrote named Sidebar Avatars which shows avatars instead of names in the online users list.
  9. This isn't a current feature but again there are a number of add-ons that do this.
  10. There are a couple of add-ons that provide different levels of notification. I think there's one that does sound, one that updates the favicon, another that updates the tab title, there are others that can send push notifications to mobile phones and desktop notifications. Nothing built in to the core at this stage, though.
Good luck with making your decision, feel free to ask more questions as you need to.