Import Poll Error and User Import Question


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I ran into a couple of small issues when I imported my vB3.8.4 database over to xenForo...

Importing of Polls:
I was able to import most data without any issue, however when it came time to import polls I received a message "could not import polls due to a server error, try again at a later time" or something to that effect. I tried a refresh, then a hard refresh, I backed up and tried again. No joy. I continued on with the import and before I finalized, I tried the polls again...same message.

Importing of Users:
Originally I had allowed new registrations with duplicate emails. Which is something I have since stopped. So, I have a small number (mostly husband and wife types of accounts) with duplicate email addresses. Obviously, I don't want to merge them nor alter their email addy. Is there any way around this? I have also noticed that my banned users did not make the import over. When I would receive a spam member I would ban them instead of deleting...just to keep a record. Importing to xenForo, is this gone or is there a work around?

With the couple of test imports everything was smooth, just a couple of small things.

Jake Bunce

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Regarding the server error on polls... if you enable debug mode and run the import again then it should reveal a more detailed error message. You can enable debug mode by adding this line to your library/config.php file:

$config['debug'] = 1;
Regarding user emails... xenForo requires unique user emails for login purposes. That is why the importer is forcing you to merge the duplicate emails. I recommend taking note of the duplicate emails and then manually change them in vBulletin before doing another import.

Regarding the banned users... my banned users made it over just fine when I did my test import. What is the problem you are seeing? Are the users missing in xenForo? Or are they just not banned in xenForo? They should be listed under:

Admin CP -> Users -> Banned Users


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Thanks for the response. I will try another import in debug mode and try and get more info of the polls.
I would hate to fool around with a user's email address. If they had to reset their password, or watching a thread w/email alert, etc, etc. I wonder if I set the email to something temporary then change it back after the import??
The number of users has decreased, I checked admin CP->Users->Banned Users and I do have a list of banned users. I must be missing people from another user group. Unless xenForo doesn't count banned users within the total member calculation?? I will try another test import...I guess that's why it's good to back-up, test, test, and test again :confused:

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I wonder if I set the email to something temporary then change it back after the import??
Nope. It wouldn't let you change it afterwords if the email is already is use by another user.

The number of users has decreased
I am guessing that is because some users were merged due to duplicate emails. That would reduce the overall number of accounts.


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I had 8 duplicates and I'm missing 50 or so members. The number is a closer to my banned member list, that's why I was taking a stab at the xenForo banned member calculation.

Jake Bunce

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I found the code for the user count:


     * Gets the count of total users.
     * @return integer
    public function countTotalUsers()
        return $this->_getDb()->fetchOne('
            SELECT COUNT(*)
            FROM xf_user
            WHERE user_state = \'valid\'
                 AND is_banned = 0
You are correct. It only counts valid users who are not banned.