1. Anhava

    Joomla 3.8 & xenForo 2 integration?

    I tried to search this from the forums and trough Google, but can't find any solution. Is there (even) any possibilities to integrate Joomla 3.8 with xenForo 2? If not is here anyone who wants to make that kind of integration for me? I'm ready to pay for proper integration. I'm using Community...
  2. S

    Other Importscript to import old Joomla articles into Xenforo as threads

    Hi, I want to move away from Joomla. But I do not want to loose all old Joomla articles because of SEO. So I need to import them into xenforo. I need offers for an importscript. What needs to be imported? - Each Joomla article incl. images (no comments) as a thread in Xenforo (in one subforum...