XF 2.2 Getting "Latest Posts" widget in Joomla


We're doing a Joomla bridge. We have successfully done the SSO.
Now we're trying to get numerous features (latest forum posts, latest forum threads, user's timeline) in Joomla.

What would be the best approach to have this type of user content within Joomla?
Direct query? Api? Some Xenforo addon, or something else?



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I would likely recommend using the API to pull this data. Though it's possible that depending on what you want, you might need to do some custom things. For example, XF is usually thread-oriented, so the API doesn't include an option to pull all of the latest posts directly. There is a threads-based endpoint, and you can capture the latest threads based either on their last_post_date (threads with the latest posts) or post_date (most recently created threads, regardless of last post date).


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Im gonna get in here cause Im working on this. Reason why API doesnt work for us is that we have both apps on same server and we want to avoid loading times by using curl and invoking both apps on same request. Also, important feature is to have latest posts filtered by board which i dont think thread endpoint has.
Best approach for us would be direct query to xenforo database. Only thing we have problem there is understanding xenforo permission sturcture in the database.

Last resort is to build an addon that would respond to ajax calls from client side and return latests posts/threads.