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Hey everyone! Pre-purchase question...I thought I remembered seeing a part of the site that mentioned other software/CMS that Xenforo was able to be or had integrations for..? Like WordPress, Comet Chat, SocialEngine, etc.

Xenforo is an incredible forum, but also has enough extensions to make it a rather full featured CMS -- what I would like to do is find out what existing CMS solutions have SSO (single sign on) integration with Xenforo so an account made (for example) in Social Engine would create the account for Xenforo and vice versa...

It's a hard toss up... Xenforo as the CMS or a third party program.. or maybe I've not been fully introduced to the number of extensions out there that may make Xenforo be able to be an effective front end also.

So... to end my mindless ranting (my head is spinning from so many options) -- any information on what Xenforo is able to be integrated with, out of the box so to speak, would be very appreciated!

It's a common question/issue. I'm not sure there's a list, but you can search the Resource manager for specific ones to find existing plug-ins. I'm pretty sure one exists for Wordpress that's SSO.

Right now I'm using XenPorta 2, but you'll get mixed reviews on that as a CMS solution. Depending on how content-heavy your website is, Wordpress integration can be a good viable solution.
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