1. ThemeHouse

    Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WordPress 1.0.0

    Article and Forum Connect Free WordPress and XenForo - two extensive softwares, integrated simply with Article and Forum Connect. Sync comments between XenForo and WordPress allowing users to post and view on either platform and choose the method that works best for your community. Easily...
  2. D

    Add-on eCommerce Integration with XenForo Resource Manager

    Hello, I'm currently in search for an integration with the Resource Manager that allows for people to pay using PayPal or generally a payment method, and then getting access to the given resource. I saw RM Marketplace but it appears not to be updated for XenForo 2.2 and I'm looking for...
  3. victormarconi

    XF 2.1 External logout by deleting session cookies implications

    I've read this thread and successfully implemented the external logout. But I'd like to redirect the user to the previous page (not to the forum, which is the default redirect). Is there any problem of just deleting the cookie in...
  4. Z61

    Mastodon integration 1.0

    Adds a connected account provider for XenForo 2 that allows OAuth 2 integration with an Mastodon instance. Installing Install the add-on by extracting the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo 2 installation. Visit ACP and click install on Mastodon integration Then...
  5. F

    Unmaintained Upload integration Patch Level 1

    MultiFileMirror helps you to share/upload your files quickly and with little effort. All you have to do is to upload your file to our server once and then it gets automatically uploaded to other file hosting sites like Solidifies, Depositfiles, Zippyshare etc. Once the file is uploaded to our...
  6. YannPL

    Clickbank + Aweber + Xenforo

    Hi there, I'd like to have an integration between Clickbank + Aweber + Xenforo. Actually, I want that people who order and pay via Clickbank automatically have access to the Xenforo forum with a password AND are added to a specific list on Aweber. How can I do this? Many thanks. Cheers*
  7. loonetik

    Add-on Facebook Page/Group

    Are there any addons that would post threads, posts, status updates to a Facebook page or group? Similar to how the [8WR] Discord Integration works with Discord.
  8. Chernabog

    XenForo Integrations

    Hey everyone! Pre-purchase question...I thought I remembered seeing a part of the site that mentioned other software/CMS that Xenforo was able to be or had integrations for..? Like WordPress, Comet Chat, SocialEngine, etc. Xenforo is an incredible forum, but also has enough extensions to make...
  9. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Slack 1.1.1

    What does this add-on do? [TH] Slack will allow your team to keep up with new content, reports and certain moderator actions in real time. Certain actions, which are 100% configurable, will send a notification to a specified slack channel outlining the action that has occurred. How do I use...
  10. A

    Is there tutorial on Xenforo's Authentication and Encryption for SSO?

    Hi There, I'm hoping to learn more about how Xenforo handles passwords and authentication and etc... real newbie when it comes to databases but I thought I'd ask for some insights anyways. I'm hoping to use the same database that xenforo is on with my "" website. It looks...
  11. AnC01

    Other Learning management system integration

    Hi, I run Xenforo as the forum of my WP based website. I want to create links from the forum to courses which are either hosted by a wordpress based learning management system (either Learndash or LifterLMS) or my current cloud based LMS Curatr. The only way to allow people access to forum and...
  12. ryladine

    External Login System

    This post was originally posted in the support section, I moved it believing this was a better place for this kind of question. I'm trying to find a way to integrate an external web application hosted under the same domain as a xenforo install into xenforo authentication system. I've looked...
  13. DarkKitarist

    XF 1.5 SpreadShirt Integration [Solved]

    Hello, Soo... Yesterday I started to play around with adding a shop(SpreadShirt) to our forum, to sell some t-shirts with our design. Adding the shop link was a straight forward process, I just edited the navigation file in templates. But then I thought it would be cool to integrate the shop...
  14. Torrey Leonard

    XF 1.4 Incorporate WordPress Header with XenForo

    Hey XenForo, For the past few days, I've been searching endlessly for a way to integrate my forum with WordPress. I've reached the conclusion that, well- it's difficult. At this point, I've extracted the contents of my header to raw HTML and CSS. However, placing the static HTML in my header is...
  15. Dan Allen

    Registering and Signing in to XF from a php program

    Our site is a membership site, everyone has to sign in. The forum is critical to site but it is not the central feature. The requirement is that when someone signs in to our site with our custom login system, we need to log them into XF at the same time. Related requirement: when someone...
  16. Radi

    Unmaintained Silverpop Integration 0.0.3

    Please submit any bugs or feature requests here: This is an add-on for XenForo that allows you to integrate Silverpop A mysql query that I used to export the xenforo user emails to use on Silverpop: SELECT u.user_id AS...
  17. Dadparvar

    Other Xenforo to Moodle Integration

    Hi, Is there any way to integrate Xenforo to Moodle? The only thing I need is to be able to login to my Moodle, using the username and password created in my Xenforo, and vice versa. Any opinion will be appreciated. Regards
  18. Grant

    Looking to move to XF from VB4. Have questions re integration with existing site

    Hello I currently run a site, which uses vBulletin 4 for forums, and user profiles. The rest of the site I have custom coded in php, and integrates with vBulletin. (I used to use the VB template but last year I ditched the VB template for the non-forum pages, as I wanted to go responsive) I'm...
  19. T

    laravel / php integration?

    My site is Laravel / PHP based. I'm trying to integrate xenforo into my site with a single login so people who login to my site can be auto-logged into xenforo without the need to login twice. Is there any documentation on that? Can you help me know how to do it?
  20. truonglv

    Unmaintained Integration 2.0.2

    Important: Dev Application Config: In the fields: Web Site and Register Callback Url. The values should be: Web Site: Should be same on XenForo options Board URL. Register Callback Url: Should be: Https:// Description: Allow user...