1. M

    XF 2.2 Detailed startup guide for newbies on migrating to, and setting up a Xenforo forum. Including reddit-like titles, and threaded comments. [Centmin Mod] This is a collection of all the information I came across while setting up my own Xenforo forum. I'll keep it updated as I learn more. Please comment here if you have any feedback, corrections, or additions.
  2. RobinHood

    Create an onboarding framework to introduce new users how to use the forum and add-ons

    Social media has made a name for itself as super easy to use. People log on, there's a white box, you type what you want, hit submit and out it goes to everyone. There's few options or things to go wrong. Sadly for many users that's all they know and what they expect. When you start to get a...
  3. TJA

    Stolen Sheep Design Stolen Sheep Design - embracing the stereotypes of Liverpool and Wales and bringing you XenForo customisations, add-on support and style tweaks. At SSD, we offer a range of tutorials, add-ons and styles, as well as supplying documentation and guides on the many ways...
  4. TJA

    [TJA] Create Thread Icon [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Create Thread Icon - Adds a create thread icon before or after the node title Read more about this resource...
  5. TJA

    [TJA] Forum Stats [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Forum Stats - Something different for your forum statistics. Read more about this resource...
  6. TJA

    [TJA] Custom Message Icon [Deleted]

    TJA submitted a new resource: [TJA] Custom Message Icon - Adds a user selected image from custom field to their messages. Read more about this resource...
  7. Sheldon

    Need Customization?

    Looking to liven up your installation? Not have enough money for a complete custom theme, but want something to differentiate your site from another using the same theme? I personally don't like creating an entire theme, but I like to individualize themes to match the site topic. If this is...
  8. Bob

    Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

    What is Showcase? Showcase is an "Content Management System" designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their users to "showcase" items visually through the use of uploaded images & associated images from XenForo Media Gallery, Comments, Reviews, Associated threads and textually...
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