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Unmaintained [bd] API 1.6.3

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  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Added GET /users/fields
  • Added POST /lost-password
  • Added GET /threads/:threadId/navigation
  • Added GET /posts/unread
  • Added POST /notifications/custom
  • Added GET /threads/:threadId/poll
  • Added param fields for POST /users
  • Added param before and after for GET /conversation-messages
  • Added param thread_create_date and thread_update_date for GET /threads
  • Added ids into response of GET /tags/find
  • Added last_message into conversation data
  • Added avatar links into recipient data
  • Added thread_is_new and links.posts_unread into thread data
  • Added user_is_admin, user_is_moderator and user_is_staff into user data
  • Added like_users into post data
  • Added follow_date and user data into response of GET /users/:userId/followers and GET /users/:userId/followings
  • Added support for Api-Username-Inline-Style header
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes
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  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Added option to control limit and range of data accessible via API
  • Added GET /tags/list
  • Added GET /tags/:tagId
  • Added POST /tools/ott
  • Added param creator_user_id for GET `/threads/
  • Added param thread_prefix_id for GET `/threads/
  • Added param thread_tag_id for GET `/threads/
  • Added param quote_post_id for POST `/posts/
  • Added first_poster_avatar into links in thread data
  • Added post_origin into post data
  • Added user_external_auth into user data (contribution from Oleg Tsvetkov)
  • Added support for subscription topic user_0
  • Added support for config.php configurations:
    • $config['api']['pingQueueUserDefer']
    • $config['api']['publicSessionToken']
    • $config['api']['publicSessionClientId']
    • $config['api']['publicSessionScopes']
  • BREAKING CHANGE: user_fields to fields in user data
  • Changed: mark thread read after replying (contribution from Luu Truong)
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Added param reason for post/thread/profile post deletion
  • Added latest_posts into thread data
  • Added latest_comments into profile post data
  • Added timeline_username into profile post data
  • Added user_followers_total and user_followings_total into user data
  • Added username into associatable user data
  • Added user_unread_notification_count for alert ping
  • Added support for thread prefixes
  • Added support for social accounts association (Facebook, Google)
  • Improved support for Google ID token
  • Improved attachment data output
  • Improved logging
  • Fixed bugs
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  • now support XenForo 1.5.0 features: content tagging, 2fa
  • added `user_last_seen_date` for GET `/users`
  • added `user_fields` for GET `/users` (deprecated `user_custom_fields`)
  • added `permissions.edit_title` for GET `/threads`
  • added `last_post` for GET `/threads`
  • added POST `/search/indexing`
  • added `locale` parameter
  • added `order`=`natural_reverse` for GET `/conversation-messages`
  • added support for pages
  • added support for thread poll
  • added support for user ignores
  • added support for view logging (thread, attachment)
  • added support for spam checking
  • added option `trackSession`
  • added option `userNotificationConversation`
  • improved support for conversation message (report)
  • added daily version check from xfrocks.com
  • fixed bugs
Fix a bug when refresh_token is not returned for refresh grant type.
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  • supported latest OAuth 2.0 rfc with new grant types: implicit, client credentials and jwt bearer
  • added demo client for first time installation
  • added security feature: restrict access (AdminCP option)
  • added security feature: white listed domains for client
  • added pubsubhubbub support: user data, alerts and posts
  • added GET /navigation
  • added GET /users/find
  • added PUT /users/:userId
  • added POST /oauth/token/admin
  • added support for social login
  • added support for user groups
  • added support for alerts
  • added support for profile posts
  • added support for forum watch
  • improved support for conversation
  • improved support for searching
  • improved performance
  • fixed bugs
v1.2 (01-03-2014)
1.2/1 added support for one time token
1.2/2 added support for all requests in sdk.js
1.2/3 added GET /notifications
1.2/4 added `natural_reverse` order for GET /posts
1.2/5 added `post_is_first_post` for (post)
1.2/6 added support for multiple forum ids in GET /threads
1.2/7 added `user_unread_conversation_count` for (user)
1.2/8 improved session handling
1.2/9 improved HTTPS support
1.2/10 improved logging
1.2/11 fixed bugs
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