1. goyo

    XF 2.3 Microsoft 365 (business) login SSO - OAuth2

    Dear Everyone, As connected accounts only support Personal Microsoft accounts, now with XF's 2.3 OAuth2 support, I'm trying to create a SSO (as an MS365 admin) for some of my colleagues at my company to Xenforo, but got stuck. Has anyone done this? I've spent quite some time with it and keep...
  2. Foxtrek_64

    Connected Account Providers Overhaul

    One of the weakest areas of XF currently, at least in my opinion, is with the Connected Account Providers feature. As it stands, if you use OAuth to allow users to authenticate with third party services, you can only have one of each service (which does make sense for some providers) and you are...
  3. aidanohart

    Xenforo as an OAuth2 service

    Hi there, Just interested if there is some way I could use Xenforo as an OAuth2 service and make it the central way to have all user accounts across all my different apps and services. An example for some people.. 1. On an external website, the login button will redirect you to the Xenforo page...
  4. L

    XF 2.2 Custom oauth provider

    Hi im trying to add a custom oauth login provider to my forum is there any way to do this? i musing a keycloak server
  5. K

    Xenforo oAuth2 implementation

    Hey all, I've been looking for the following feature in XenForo 2+. To use the XenForo 2 user accounts for other services with oAuth2. I've been looking for such a feature for quite a while now, and I just found this link to an add-on that should add this feature. However I am unsure if this...
  6. Z61

    Mastodon integration 1.0.1

    Adds a connected account provider for XenForo 2 that allows OAuth 2 integration with an Mastodon instance. Installing Install the add-on by extracting the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo 2 installation. Visit ACP and click install on Mastodon integration Then...
  7. sudrien

    Not a bug smtp.gmail.com wants OAuth 2.0

    Trying to set up gmail smtp forum.example.com/admin.php?options/groups/emailOptions/ Email transport method: smtp (smtp.gmail.com : 587) Authentication - no OAuth 2.0 option Encryption: TLS Apparently Gmail really wants OAuth 2.0 - support would be nice. Current workaround...
  8. I

    Oauth 2/OpenID

    My company is really interested in buying XenForo but we have a strict requirement: we need to integrate Oauth 2/OpenID in the forum. Is there any add-on you can suggest that support such protocols? Are you planning to natively implement such feature in the forum? In the following a couple of...
  9. xfrocks

    Unmaintained [bd] API 1.6.3

    [bd] API Power up your XenForo installation. [FEATURES] 1. Authentication with OAuth 2.0 2. RESTful API fully documented https://github.com/xfrocks/bdApi/blob/master/docs/api.markdown 3. Flexible, easy to extend for your need 4. Open source: https://github.com/xfrocks/bdApi Demo...
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