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Oauth 2/OpenID

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Ivan_P, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Ivan_P

    Ivan_P Member

    My company is really interested in buying XenForo but we have a strict requirement: we
    need to integrate Oauth 2/OpenID in the forum.
    Is there any add-on you can suggest that support such protocols?
    Are you planning to natively implement such feature in the forum?

    In the following a couple of more questions:
    1. is there a way to turn off the social features (followers, likes, etc...) of XenForo? We would like to start with basic forum functionalities and then activate the social features later.
    2. is there a "widget framework" add on that we can use to build a "portal like" home page ?

    I thank you in advance
    Ivan Paloscia
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    In what context would you be looking to integrate OAuth2 / OpenID?

    Are you implying that your users would login/register via an existing OAuth2 provider? Or are you looking for the forum itself to provide an OAuth2 server?

    If the former, we have an "external auth" framework which we use for the "Login with Facebook|Twitter|Google" feature that we have. This is fairly easy to extend to add new providers but that would require additional development.

    If you're looking for the forum itself to be an OAuth2 endpoint, we don't provide an OAuth2 API for this, though there are at least two add-ons available in the Resource Manager which do.

    A lot of features are controllable using permissions. I don't think it's possible to disable the following stuff, but you can disable likes through the permissions system.

    Yes, there is a widget framework. It's aptly named "Widget Framework", in fact. But this is a third party add-on. There are several other add-ons that provide portal functionality and widgets.

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