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Unmaintained [bd] API 1.6.3

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v1.1.1 (06-11-2013)
1.1.1/1 added support for user custom fields
1.1.1/2 fixed serious bug with scope granting
v1.1 (28-09-2013)
  1. added support for HTTP header X-HTTP-Method-Override to override request method
  2. added password encryption
  3. added support for sticky thread
  4. added DELETE /posts/:postId/attachments/
  5. added support for attachment data
  6. added support for conversation and message
  7. fixed bugs
For full document, see

For demo, try https://xfrocks.com/api
1.0 (23-05-2013)
1.0/1 added GET /posts/:postId/likes to get like, POST to like, DELETE to unlike
1.0/2 added common parameters `fields_include`, `fields_exclude` to filter data
1.0/3 added `attachments` to post data, POST /threads/attachment and POST /posts/attachment to upload attachment to thread or post
1.0/4 added common parameter `order` to.. order
1.0/5 added logging
1.0/6 added POST /users to create new user
1.0/7 added POST /users/:userId/avatar to upload avatar, DELETE /users/:userId/avatar to delete avatar
1.0/8 added followers to threads and users with POST, DELETE to follow or unfollow
1.0/9 added /batch support to execute multiple requests at once

For more information, please see the document.
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