Ads Manager by Siropu

Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9

No permission to buy (€49.99)
Like many of the adsense user's I was looking for something that can achieve me complete control over adsense ad displaying result.
and, then came this Masterpiece "Ads Manager by Siropu" which not only fulfilled my requirements but it overloaded me with joys while accessing the "demo" provided by Siropu, the features like controlling autoads, click fraud controlling, monitoring, analysis etc etc so on which I just could only dreamt of.
I was so spellbound that despite having low budget and waiting for some offers I just couldn't wait and bought this piece of excellence work . . .
Hope @Siropu will keep continuing improving it in future :)

Go for it and Grab it Blindly :)
The best ad plugin for Xenforo, I've ever used. Even the best I've ever seen - among all ad plugins and systems. Simply brilliant and absolutely worth the Euros. Thank you!!
Absolutely the best ads manager I've seen for XenForo coupled with world class support and updates. Great developer who actually listens and works with the buyers market. A++ all the way.
Amazing plugin and amazing support, they even helped me set everything up. Would highly recommend using this plugin and the team.
Fantastic add-on, fantastic support! The add-on seems to fulfill any wish, an ads manager could imagine. I had one small suggestion though and Siropu made it possible and even stayed calm, when it did not work for me at once. Just awesome, thank you!
Coming from Siropu's Chat, we had high expectations for his Ads Manager. And our expectations were fulfilled 100%.

The extensive options cater for every need. Everything works and is stable - you are hard pressed to find any glitches in this product.

I especially love the ability to easily geotarget.

Looking forward to what Siropu comes up for XF2!
This add on is wonderful. The support is incredible as well. Any questions I've had have quickly answered. Highly recommend.
Bought this going by the reviews of this. Having only used it for two days now, I'm impressed.

Both by the sheer amount of options and ways you can sell ads, but also by Siropu's help. I could net set two things up and he responded politely via e-mail. One of the two things was a big oversight on my part but siropu acted like a true customer service rep and helped me out :)
This ads manager addon is so good that I bought 2 copies for my forums, you can't go wrong with this addon. All in one advertising solution! Cheap price too! Thank you!
Amazing addon and amazing support ! Siropu is a great developer always supporting us. You can't go wrong if your wish is to monetize your forum.
Good Morning Siropu, this is one of the best Addons i´ve ever bought. There is all what i need included, no error messages, easy to use, perfect for me. "Thumbs up" ;)
I have tried every single ad manager made available to Xenforo since inception, except this one, until now. I was tired of the convoluted, JS heavy themehouse solution. This one advertises, lightweight and powerful. I can now attest, I should have moved sooner. This ads manager by Siropu is just amazingly fast, powerful, and pretty easy to work out and use. I had ads up and running within 10 minutes. I can scale my ads with far more detail, track and monitor them with ease to know what is working, what is not. The simplicity of the system and ease for public ad purchasing -- nothin short of brilliant.

If you're still using any other ad manager for Xenforo -- get away from it and install this one. For nothing more than the simplicity and ease, that everything just works and works first time. No fighting the system, no manipulating things, it just works. Just Do It -- as Nike say!
Awesome software, everything you need with great support! Siropu keeps adding features that make it the best xenforo ad software.
Amazing ad manager. Very simple and intuitive to use, yet flexible and fully featured. Exactly what I needed!
This is the best ad manager I have ever used. Just swithced from another forum platform where everything was hard coded into the main theme, mobile theme, seperate addons. THis has replaced it all I have custom position hooks and my AdSense can be managed throughout the site. You can exclude Ads from login pages and remain compliant with AdSense policies. By far the best add-on the author replies to support tickets 9PM on a Friday evening too. Best add-on I have purchased.
We've had suggested many times to JavaScript files should be compressed but the author does not care. File size is small or large, it's not problem. JavaScript can be minified by removing unnecessary whitespace and comments and JS files to improve your speed scores for services like PageSpeed Insights.
Great addon to automatically manage ads. Really happy with support offered by the author. Worth its value
A addon like a dream! Purchased it and with an quick response & troubleshooting from Siropu working like i supposed it should be (was mine fault). A addon which you must have. Thank you Siropu even it is a paid one.
This is a must have for any forum that has decent activity. I mean really $49?! With practically instant support. This is an absolute no brainer and quickly becoming my favorite xf addon. I'm currently migrating 40+ advertisers to this system and ditching my crusty old ad server. Great stuff!
Fabulous Fabulous Add-On!
It has paid for itself many times in a few short months.
This add-on turned hours of forum labor into a fully automated seamless process. From ad creation, to invoicing and expiring, this program does the work for you.

The add-on has exceeded our expectations and is doing much more than we had planned. The support is outstanding and we are extremely happy. Thank you. Plus Five More Stars!