1. questlot

    XF 2.2 How To Place Ads Inside First Post Paragraphe

    Is there any way I can post ads on a thread in between the content? e.g Threads content first paragraph text.................................... advert Thread next line paragraph content text........................... What template to edit or conditional to use to achieve the above? Thanks.
  2. mazzly

    Ad position in HTML head 1.0.0

    The default XF Ad positions don't include a "<head> section"-position, which is quite a common case for e.g. AdSense ads along with some other scripts. By installing this addon such an ad position is added 👍
  3. biafraland

    XF 2.2 How Place Ads Inside First Post

    Hello, I'll like to place ads inside the forum's first post (either left-aligned or right-aligned). Is there any mod or code to achieve this? I have tried editing the thread_view template but couldn't get the ad to show inside the post. The closest I could get was beside the "watch" button...
  4. H

    Adsense penalties Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout

    Anyone else been having this issue for the last few weeks for their Xenforo? Get a "must fix Encouraging accidental clicks" then get a two click penalty for a couple of days. I request a review as soon as I see it and it's usually gone within 2 days, then it takes 3 days for the penalty to go...
  5. JasonBrody

    Content Security Policy (CSP) for XenForo 2.2

    Hi Everyone ! Though there're several thread on this, but I couldn't figure out any appropriate one for latest XF 2.2 release . So, could anyone provide information on how to configure CSP with latest XF ? (for additional info: I'm using cloudflare & adsense) .
  6. Dimitrios

    XF 2.1 Is there an AdSense step-by-step tutorial?

    I would like to host google ads in my xenforo forum. I just connected to AdSense and got my code. Not sure how to proceed thought. I checked a couple of old threads by they don't seem to help me. Is there an AdSense step-by-step tutorial? Thanks
  7. djbaxter

    Unmaintained How to limit the size of Google AdSense ads

    This code is directly from Google support. Please note that this will not work for AutoAds. Update: In some cases, it doesn't seem to work very well for regular responsive AdSense ads anymore either. :( <style> .example_responsive_1 {...
  8. questlot

    How to show Adsense ads to Mobile users only.

    Is there anyway i can show adsense advert to mobile users only in some ad location, if template conditional can be use. Suggestion please.
  9. bill78

    Adsense - XF1 vs XF2 - Any change?

    Hello folks! I'll be updating to XF2 soon (still on XF1). What changes (if any) did the change make to your Adsense earnings? Interested to hear how people fared earnings wise? Especially in the immediate post upgrade month or so.
  10. Bradison

    Does XenForo come with ability to display ads?

    Hi Guys. So I haven't purchased Xenforo yet. I'm still not sure if it's right for me. I've been reading through the forum here and find myself unclear on the topic of displaying ads. I want to show Google Adsense ads. Some people here are talking about how there is a need to edit code, some...
  11. kankan

    Adsense tracking tag setup

    Hello I am looking for a Adsense/GTM guru to setup tracking code into adsense code in order to display/follow clicker. Please feel free to contact me in PM. Regards
  12. JasonBrody

    How to disable Adsense ads on a Thread/Forum?

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to know if it's possible to disable any adsense ads (anywhere on the forum including sidebar, header, footer, thread body etc) on a particular thread or a Forum node (to disable ads for all threads under the forum node) ? Is there any plugin / codes / conditions to do this...
  13. Wutime

    Google Adsense Autoads (Basic) v1.1.0

    Quickly add Google's Adsense to your website using Google's Autoads placement. Setup is easy: Download and install the addon Enter your Adsense publisher ID Enable the plugin Profit! This module is fully Internationalized and Multilingual. If you'd like advanced display features and the...
  14. Live Free

    Adsense Google Crawler Configuration

    I'm trying to add login access to the Adsense google bot for pages hidden to guests. I have a few questions about configuration and how it works. 1. Do I have to enter multiple crawler logins for each directory I want to extend access to? Is it sitewide or recursive? 2. Guests can see one...
  15. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Ads only show after refreshing 2-3 times

    I've been using Siropu Ads Manager and it works good. But it does not work everywhere. Not in all posts, not in header. Just the main forum. I uninstalled that and used Andy Ad Manager. But the issue is same. I also used XF built-in advertisement option.
  16. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Does XF 2.0 do not show Ads placed in Header on Mobile?

    I've placed ads in header and it works as expected. However, on mobile, the ads not shows up. Is it how the XF 2.0 designed or i'm having some issues with the setup? Also i came to know that hiding ads in mobile and showing it on Desktop is against AdSense ToS. Is this true? If it is, then...
  17. GasparLopez

    [REQUEST] Adsense Click Fraud Monitor add-on for Xenforo 2.0

    Hi i think is good idea make a add-on similar to WP plugin Click Fraud Monitor for Xenforo because more site has adsense and need protect with fraudulents clicks from bad people..... Its possible make something similar to this plugin????
  18. R

    XF 2.0 Advertising Container Header No Working

    When I add a Responsive Google AdSense Ad snippet to the Container Header position, it isn't showing at all (not a blank ad). Any suggestions?
  19. C

    XF 2.0 Advertisment Locations

    I am looking to see if there is a graphic that displays where the advertisement locations are. When I use Adsense, it takes a while to show and in a lot of the cases, I need to get the sizing right after they do show. I was wondering if someone had created an image or graphic that shows the...
  20. J

    Google Adsense Not Approved

    I will admit Google AdSense is a bit frustrating in general, not being able to actually talk to someone there is really bad. So I got an email 20 hours ago saying that my application for Google AdSense was not approved due to insufficient content. Then 4 hours ago I got an email saying that my...
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