Does XenForo come with ability to display ads?


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Hi Guys. So I haven't purchased Xenforo yet. I'm still not sure if it's right for me. I've been reading through the forum here and find myself unclear on the topic of displaying ads. I want to show Google Adsense ads. Some people here are talking about how there is a need to edit code, some say don't edit code, others talk about doing addons. XenForo should have the ability to display ads without requiring their customers to haphazardly tinker-around under the hood, so it's hard to believe they would overlook something so basic, especially now in V2.x - But if this is the case, what is the best recommendation on how to display Google Adsense?? Do I edit the Xenforo code? Or is XenForo proactive and already have an optional easy-to-use system in place to show ads?? Or should I use an Addon, and if so which one??


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If you want to take it to the next level and also sell regular banners, I suggest Siropu Ads Manager add-on. We use it on our forum and it makes it like child's play. It lets them do a self service ad that you approve, including invoicing the advertiser. It lets them track statistics for their ad, change it at will, point it where they want, etc.

Well worth it :)