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XF 1.4 Javascript in header does away with ability to reply


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Hello all.

I tried to paste some JS into the page_header template as suggested (brogans instructions) - everything seemed to work except that the ability to reply to a thread went away.

This meant both the ability to quote and reply (you got a screen without a reply box) and also the ability to just post in the thread without replying.

The code I am trying to use converts Amazon links to Global (country specific) links.

A pic of the snippet is enclosed.

For this test I has selected the Google Ajax option for loading js in the XF options.

1. The code did work to convert the links - but I had to remove due to the problem with posting and replies.

So, anyone have any suggestions?

I noticed that the page with the snippet says this:
"This snippet uses jQuery 1.9.0. If you do not wish to use jQuery, then you will need to move the contents of the $(document).ready()function into an equivalent function in your code."

1.4.3 is my XF version.

I'm not sure I have a choice in the jquery version - or whether this code loads up a 2nd instance?

Please educate me if you know!